What Happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Men? Know his Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Wife

If you have long been a die-hard fan of Mountain Men, you understand that Charlie Tucker has at some point been part and puzzle of this History Channel reality show. However, he decided to go off screen in 2014. As a loyal fun, aren’t you bothered about his whereabouts? I bet you are. This is why we bring you the details of the gentleman’s current whereabouts.

Also, be sure to know of Charlie Tucker’s net worth in this piece but most importantly keep reading through this piece to unveil Charlie Tucker’s wife as well as his children if he has any.


Tucker is an American categorizing in the white ethnicity. While his exact date of birth remains hidden, it is apparent that the star was born in Maine rooted in the USA. Sadly, the guy has been successful in ensuring that details about his early childhood including his educational background are left hidden from the public. Yes, his body measurements are also not provided by any reputable source.

The little information given is that the gentleman began as a logger in the Great North Woods. Later, he became a fur trapper, and after that, he dwelt into business hence currently a businessman. Speaking of business, how about we take a quick yet detailed journey about the stars television career?


Well, the gentleman television career did not begin a long time ago. All this began in 2013 and ended a year later. In 2013 particularly, Charlie Tucker joined Mountain Men when it was in it’s in its 2nd season. However, the gentleman had already met with the producers of the show in 2012. In 2014, he also succeeded in being part of the whole 15 seasons.

Image of Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men show

Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men show

However, upon the completion of the Mountain Men’s 2014 season, the guy chooses to quit his television career more particularly his engagement with Mountain Men television series. So what happened to him? Was he fired? Did he resign? Or did he decide to venture into something different, another passion? Well, all this will show What in the last section and as for now let us jump straight ahead into Charlie Tucker’s net worth.

Image of Charlie Tucker from Mountain Men show

Charlie Tucker career from Mountain Men

Charlie Tucker Net Worth

According to the latest reports Charlie Tucker’s net worth is an estimated $500,000. Charlie Tucker salary has not yet been disclosed to the public. The current salary, as well as Charlie Tucker’s net worth, does not, however, emerge from his television career.

Image of Mountain Men cast Charlie Tucker net worth is $500,000

Mountain Men cast Charlie Tucker net worth is $500,000

Charlie Tucker Wife, Married, Children

Even during his time on screens, it was challenging to discern who Charlie Tucker’s wife is. This is because he barely had a ring on his finger. Sadly, the situation has not changed because up until now it is challenging to discern Charlie Tucker’s wife as his children.

The reason for this is because the star has succeeded in maintaining this part of his life as a secret. His previous affairs are also not known to the public. Hopefully, he sooner rather than later comes clear about his family, but even if he does not, we will have to respect that decision.

What happened to Charlie Tucker on Mountain Wen? What is He Doing Now?

The question you and many others have been asking since the end of Mountain Men episode of 2014 is the whereabouts of Charlie Tucker. Well, the gentleman decided to quit not only the Mountain Men series but his career in television for good. The main reason for Charlie Tucker departure was because he found new love in business.

Source: Looper

Currently, Charlie Tucker engages in the logging business. According to reputable sources, the business is earning him a lot. This is because the site where he works is in North Main wood and in an approximated figure, the site attracts about 100,000 visitors annually. With such a huge number of visitors who promote his business, there is no denying that the logging business is doing the star a great job in terms of income.

Due to his old age, it is unlikely that he may return to the screens; hence we wish him the very best in his new business venture.

Quick Facts about Charlie Tucker

Name Charlie Tucker
Age Not Known
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Maine, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Businessman
Net worth $500,000
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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