Jay Paul Molinere Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Fight, Measurements

Jay Paul Molinere is a famous alligator hunter. His bravery and skills are showcased on the Swamp People show in the History Channel.

He is also an excellent boxing champion. Below are details of the fights he engaged in and the tournaments he participated in.  Read also on his wiki-bio, net worth and measurements.

He is a committed family man. This article also unveils details of his married life with his wife and children.


Jay Paul Molinere was born on 20th August 1988. His age is, therefore, 30 years old. His real birth name is “III Roland Molinere”. He was born in Grand Bois, Louisiana in the United States.

He is the son of the famous R.J. Molinere and Stacey Molinere. His passion for boxing was realized when he was six years old. He would frequently practice boxing in their home’s backyard.

Image of Jay Paul Molinere with his father R.J. Molinere

Jay Paul Molinere with his father, R.J. Molinere

His destiny was almost cut short at the age of 10. This was when he was involved in a fatal accident on a 4th of July holiday. His family had gone camping. The reality star was hit by a malfunctioned jet ski.

This left him with a 6 to 8-inch fracture in his skull.  As a result of the deep injury, he went into a coma for three consecutive days.

After his recovery, he could hardly utter a word. It was only after extensive medication that he was was able to speak again.

As for his schooling, he attended South Terrebonne High School. He graduated in 2006. He proceeded to Fletcher Technical Community College to pursue anesthesiology. He graduated in the year 2011.


Jay Paul Molinere’s career in the television started in 2011. After college, he started appearing in the Swamp People show alongside his father. This is a series aired in the History Channel.

He joined the show since the premiere of season 2. The show documents the Molineres’ hunting different species of wild animals. Their major focus is alligators, crabs, crawfish, turtles, shrimp and the like.

This is the career Jay Paul Molinere is pursuing to present. The celeb and his fathers are members of the United Houma Nation.

Their hunting and fishing are mostly in the Atchafalaya river basin swamp.

The show has grown to be the highest rated in the network. From this, his star has risen too much fame; receiving nationwide acclaim. Moreover, his salary has increased, and in turn, this has boosted his total net worth.

Image of Boxing Champion, Jay Paul Molinere

Boxing Champion, Jay Paul Molinere

Before launching into the hunting career, the television personality already had an established boxing career. His main trainer from a tender age was his uncle, Elsie.

He was a renowned regional boxing champion. He was also a superb MMA Fighter and a Golden Gloves boxing champion.

Jay Paul Molinere Wife, Married, Children

Jay Paul Molinere is a married television personality. He is married to his lovely wife, Ashleigh Price Molinere.

The couple has been blessed with two children. They are proud parents of a boy and a girl. According to wiki-bio, the boy, Jaydin was born on April 14, 2009. On the other hand, their daughter A’niyiah Nikole Molinere was born on July 29, 2013.

Image of Jay Paul Molinere with his wife Ashleigh Price Molinere and their kids

Jay Paul Molinere with his wife Ashleigh Price Molinere and their kids

There are already early signals that Jayden will take after his father. He is showing interest in hunting and swamp life.

The boxer is leading a fantastic married life with his wife and children. There are no prospects of a breakup between them any time soon.

Jay Paul Molinere Net Worth and Fight

Jay Paul Molinere’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000. His career in the History Channel’s show has been a major contribution to his net worth.

Image of Swamp People cast Jay Paul Molinere net worth is $800,000

Swamp People cast Jay Paul Molinere net worth is $800,000

He also received several awards from his boxing career. This has also contributed in a way to his wealth and net worth.

Jay Paul Molinere engaged in more than 30 fights in his former boxing career. Out of these, he won several accolades as a mark of excellence.  In 2008, he won the Gulf Coast Boxing Championship.

The following year he won the Golden Gloves Division Championship. And in 2010, he won the Arnold Sports Festival Championship in Columbus, Ohio.

Jay Paul Molinere Measurements: Height and  Weight

Jay Paul Molinere measurements have remained a top secret. Up to date, his height, weight, and other measurements are unknown to the public.

Quick Facts about Jay Paul Molinere

Name III Roland Molinere
Age 30
Birthdate 20th August 1988
Birthplace Grand Bois, Louisiana, United States.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents RJ Molinere and Stacey Molinere
Siblings Not known
Career Reality television personality and boxer
Net worth $800,000
Wife Ashleigh Price Molinere
Children 2 (Jaydin and A’niyiah)
Body Measurements Not known

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