Yule Kilcher Family Tree: Wife, Children, Bio, Net Worth, Facts about Atz Kilcher’s Father

Yule Kilcher was a Swiss farmer, journalist and, politician. He was born on 9th March 1913. He was born in Laufen, Switzerland. Yule Kilcher is well known for serving as Alaskan State Senator from 1963-1967. Yule was also well known as an ancestor of the Kilcher Family. They are also featured in the reality TV show “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” He fell sick and soon after died in 1998 at the age of 85 years.

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Who is Yule Kilcher? Wiki, Bio, Age

Yule Kilcher was born in Laufen, Canter of Basel, Switzerland. He was born on 9th March 1913. Yule was a successful farmer, journalist, politician and brilliant homesteader. He was the first in his family to step into the United States of America where he later settled. He can be recognized for serving as an Alaskan State Senator. Unfortunately, on December 8th, 1998 he passed away in Homer Hospital aged 85. Yule Kilcher died from complications arising as a result of pneumonia.

Early life, Education

Yule Kilcher was raised in Laufen, Switzerland. He grew up being raised by both parents and three siblings. His mother was called Lina and his father, Edwin Otto Kilcher. Yule’s siblings were Liney Klicher, Edwin Otto Kilcher and Erna Klicher. It is not known where he schooled in elementary school, but he attended the University of Berne and the University of Berlin.

In the 1930s, Yule decided to move to the United States of America to find a peaceful living environment. The Nazi’s were dominating Europe with power making it unfavorable for him to live in. In 1940, he permanently moved to Alaska, and in 1941 he put up a homestead on a 660-acre piece of land. This was on the beautiful shores of Kachemak Bay, Homer.


After establishing the Kilcher homestead, Yule Kilcher was pushed into learning survival tactics. This was to enable him to survive the harsh wild conditions. He also worked very hard to be able to make a sensible living. Yule was also very hospitable and warm making his home very popular among many, even famous like favorite musicians, and military personnel.

He loved journalism, and this passion made him work as a journalist too. Kilcher also got into politics by serving as Alaskan State Senator (1963-1967). He was also among the delegates that wrote the first constitutional convention of the new state of Alaska in 1955. Yule Kilcher was also involved in two committees. Committee on Administration and Ordinances and Transitional Measures of Homer town.

Yule Kilcher Family Tree

Yule Kilcher and his wife Ruth Webber were blessed with eight children. Two sons, Atz and Otto and six daughters-Catkin Kilcher Burton, Fay Graham, Mossy Kilcher, Stellavera Kilcher, Sunrise Sjoeberg and Wurtilla Hepp. They also have plenty of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Caption: Atz Kilcher sharing information about Kilcher Family Tree

Atz Kilcher was born 2nd September 1947 was their first born. He is a musician and reality TV star. He has three children Atz Lee, Shane, and Jewel Kilcher. His children are all in the entertainment industry. Jewel is a four-time Grammy award nominee. Atz Lee has a child called Etienne Klicher while Shane has four children (Jareth, Jenna, Keena and Reid Kilcher). Jewel is the mother to one son by the name Kase Townes Murray.

Image of Atz Kilcher with his children and wife

Atz Kilcher family tree: his children and wife

Otto Kilcher born 13th April 1952 is a talented self-taught mechanic. He has three children, Eivin, Levi, and August. They all appear on the TV show. Eivin has two children. A daughter called Sparrow Rose and a son Findlay Farenorth. It is not known if Levi and August are married or have children.

Yule Kilcher Net Worth

Yule Kilcher was a successful farmer with an established homestead that sat on a 660-acre piece of land. Atz Kilcher’s father Yule Kilcher net worth was estimated at $100,000. Most of this wealth came from farming as well as politics and journalism that he participated in over the years.

Image of Swiss Farmer, Yule Kilcher net worth is $100,000

Swiss Farmer, Yule Kilcher net worth is $100,000

Yule Kilcher Married, Wife Ruth Webber, and Children. Divorce Reason?

Yule Kilcher was outgoing and adventurous. He met Ruth Webber who was just like him, adventurous and outgoing. They were a perfect match. She later joined him in Alaska where they got married immediately. During their marriage, they were blessed with eight children. After 29 years of marriage (almost three decades), their relationship hit rock bottom. They separated and divorced due to irreconcilable differences. It is said that Ruth re-married later on while Yule never re-married.

Image of Yule Kilcher with his wife Ruth and with their kids

Yule Kilcher with his ex-wife Ruth and with their kids

Yule Kilcher Age, Wiki, Bio, Family, Facts

Full name Yule Farenorth Kilcher
Nickname Not known
Date of birth (age) 9th March 1913
Birthplace Laufen, Canter of Basel, Switzerland
Net worth $100,000
Mother Lina Kilcher
Father Edwin Otto Kilcher
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Farmer, journalist, politician
Nationality Swiss
Marital status Divorced
Wife Ex-wife – Ruth Webber
Children Eight
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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