What Happened to Rich Lewis? Know His Bio, Net Worth, Wife

It is not so long ago that Mountain Men approached Rich Lewis to be part of their crew. Since then, Rich Lewis has been able to gain a huge number of a fan base. Sadly, a generous number of these fans cannot tell more about the life of this star. For instance, only a few know of Rich Lewis’ net worth.

This is why we took it upon ourselves to not only bring you this detail but also unveil to you Rich Lewis’ wife. Before getting here though, let’s have a general understanding of who Rich Lewis is and his early childhood.


Rich Lewis is an American belonging to the white ethnicity. Idaho, rooted in the United States of America is his actual place of birth. Although his date of birth is not disclosed, speculations are that the gentleman is around the age of fifty. Just like his age, his weight and height remain hidden from the public.

Image of Rich Lewis is currently single

Rich Lewis is currently single

The case is also the same for his education as well as his parents and siblings. There is no tangible detail about Rich Lewis’ childhood. The little detail is that his passion for nature began at a very tender age. Particularly, he used to love mountains like most of the children do. Perhaps, he only delights in nature since no other passion besides this is listed in his wiki.

With this background about the stars life, let us now jump straight into his career to make it easier for us to understand Rich Lewis net worth.


Of course, Rich Lewis is an actor, but his niche in acting is based on his hunting and tracking career well portrayed in Mountain Men television series. So how did all this begin? Well, if you were keen in the biography section, you must have noticed the mention of Rick Lewis love fit nature at a tender age. This is to mean that his career began while he was a small boy as a result of the love and passion he had for mother nature.

As he grew older, used to of course the extreme life, he developed a commitment of following mountain lions as well as other heinous beasts. He did this through the help of a jagged hound. At some point, he was unfortunate to lose his most beloved hound called Brandy.

Image of Mountain Men cast Rich Lewis

Mountain Men cast Rich Lewis

Due to his venture in following these beast animals of the Mountain he was able to secure himself a job at the Ruby Valley. His task was primarily to protect the inhabitants of this area from the mountain lions: a task he did diligently.

As the years went by Rich Lewis became recognized by a multitude of people because of the protection, he was offering to people, and the Mountain Men family were not an exception. They approached him to be part of their big family, and obviously, he did not turn down the offer hence that is how he got into his television career.

Rich Lewis Net Worth

Rich Lewis’ net worth as of 2019 is estimated to being around $300,000. Unfortunately, the celebrity has not come clear on his monthly or annual income hence no sources are aware of this detail. Mountain Men is a key contributor to Rich Lewis’ net worth.

Image of Mountain Men cast Rich Lewis net worth is $300,000

Mountain Men cast Rich Lewis net worth is $300,000

Rich Lewis Wife, Married, Children

The guy has been off the market for a long time now. Particularly, Rich Lewis wife is none other than the gorgeous Diana Lewis. Their dating history, as well as their date of marriage, is undisclosed. However, they have spent over two decades together since the star has admitted to sharing a whopping 26 years of a tremendous life with his wife.

They are ye to have any children of their own. There is barely anything known about Rich Lewis wife, but the fact that she can survive in extreme conditions could mean that she is also a lover of this niche. Currently, the couple is enjoying a happy married life in the isolated areas of Montana.

Until last year, Rich Lewis was part of Mountain Men. However, he is currently not featuring in the show. While some sources have it that the star was asked to leave the show, others state that he chose to leave as his age could not allow him to continue hunting especially the mountain lions. Well, we can’t confirm or deny either of the two allegations until the star decides to come clean with the main reason for his departure.

Quick Facts about Rich Lewis

Name Rich Lewis
Age Late 50s
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Idaho, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Hunting and
Net worth $300,000
Wife Diana Lewis
Children None
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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