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For those who are fond of watching the American National Geographic wTV. Series, the personality of Chip Hailstone should not be strange in any way. His ability to live out in the cold and kill animals that can easily take away human life has earned him the reputation of being the best hunter in the Tv. Series. To the people who have never encountered such a life, everything may sound like some fairy tale. However, the plain truth is that this is the life that Chip Hailstone and the rest of his family members have had to deal with for the past so many years.

Chip Hailstone is praised for his outstanding bravery. Whenever he cannot access his bows and arrows, he opts to hunt using his bare hands. Quite daring! The National Geographic Reality tv series has documented the lives of six hunter families living in the Amazon and Chip’s is one of them.

Learn more about Chip Hailstone’s jail and prison status, and death rumors. Also get to know about this Life Below Zero stars married life with wife, Agnes Hailstone, children, and family.

Why Chip Hailstone went to Jail?

It is quite unfortunate that Chip rubbed the law the wrong way. He ended up in jail. But what exactly did Chip do to deserve being locked behind bars? In July 2011, Chip was accused of two offenses; he was charged with perjury and misleading the police. Consequently, the courts slapped him with three years of probation. He then took so many years of his life trying to appeal the sentence. In his appeal, he raised issues of errors. Unfortunately, his appeal was not successful. He, therefore, had to serve the full sentence. At the beginning of 2018, Chip was locked up in the Anchorage Correctional Complex.

From the facts and rumors gathered, Chip reported that an Alaska Trooper has physically assaulted his daughter. In an interview conducted with him, Chip says that the Trooper held his daughter very violently after they had been involved in a confrontation. On the contrary, another Trooper said that the claims made by Trooper were all lies. Moreover, Trooper complained that the assault had instilled so much fear in his family. To mitigate the situation, Chip sought a restraining order against the supposedly violent Trooper. Sadly, he ended up being jailed instead.

According to most of his fans, it is quite disappointing that Chip had to be jailed for such a long period; for an offense as minor as perjury. However, even as Trooper went to jail, the remaining family members were still given an opportunity to continue featuring on the TV. Series. Perhaps the jailing of Chip Hailstone may mark the death of his hunting career. By the time he is out of prison, he may be too dejected to do anything constructive.

Chip Hailstone Net Worth, Age, and Career

From the latest estimates, Chip Hailstone’s net worth is approximately $100,000. Chip and his family fall within the jurisdiction of the tribal and federal hunting legislation. Chip Hailstone cannot, therefore, hunt marine animals since such animals are a reserve for the local natives. The wife could be a member of the tribe. Interestingly, Chip Hailstone cannot be anything more than her husband. Well, at least on this particular issue.

Image of Chip Hailstone net worth from Life Below Zero is $100,000

Chip Hailstone net worth from Life Below Zero is $100,000

Born in 1969, Chip Hailstone is currently 49 years old. Career-wise, he is a hunter, a trapper, harvester, reality tv. Personality and a crafter. Chip Hailstone is famed for appearing on the reality tv show, ‘LIFE BELOW ZERO’. The show is an illustration of the daily hustles of the hunters living in Alaska.

Chip uses his rifle and stones to hunt down animals in the remote areas of Alaska. He gathers raw materials, fishes and tans leathers. He has been doing all these for the past twenty years.

Chip Hailstone Married life with Wife, Agnes Hailstone, and Children

Chip Hailstone is married to his long-time girlfriend, Agnes Hailstone. The relationship between the two lovebirds started over 25 years ago when Chip visited Alaska. He was actually on a hunting expedition.

Chip Hailstone seems happy with his wife, Agnes Hailstone

Chip Hailstone with his longtime girlfriend, Agnes Hailstone

God has blessed the couple with seven children. They have five girls and two boys. It is important to note that the two sons are from Agnes’ previous marriage with Carter. The eldest daughter cleared her high school studies in 2015. She loved sports during his days as a student. In a place where the population of the inhabitants is barely 700, Chip Hailstone’s family could easily be described as larger than life.

Chip Hailstone family: Children and wife, Agnes Hailstone

Agnes Hailstone with her children and husband, Chip Hailstone

The businesses of hunting, fishing, crafting, and harvesting are attended to by the entire family. Some of the most favorite animals hunted by the family include bison, caribou, wolf, fox, wolverine, walrus, fish, waterfowl, whale and the seal.

What is Chip Hailstone Doing now?

At the moment, the hunter is in jail. Chip Hailstone was sentenced to fifteen months behind bars. Going by the time estimations, Chip will be released early next year.


Chip Hailstone is 5 feet 8 inches in height. Chip is 49 years old. He is a father of seven children. Most of the people close to him have described him as an outgoing personality.

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