Amy Bruni Wiki-bio, Husband, Married, Net Worth, Salary, Age, Children, and Family

Amy Bruni is a renowned actress as well as a producer – most distinguishable because of Kindred Spirits and Paranormal Lockdown, 2016, and Ghost Hunters, 2004.  Ami was raised in a house that was haunted by ghosts, and her family was not Christian believers. On the contrary, they were free thinkers and perhaps they were dismissing those spiritual entities as just normal things. To that effect, she was never taught how to fear ghosts. Instead, she was taught to understand them. After working for some time in a health insurance industry, she decided to follow her heart in the paranormal industry. This culminated to her becoming a producer of a reality show dubbed Ghost Hunters.

In this article, you’ll get to know about Ghost Hunters star Amy Bruni’s married life with her husband, children, and family. Also learn about her net worth, age, and career.

Amy Bruni Wiki bio

Amy Bruni, Ghost Hunters star was born on July 10, 1976, in Sacramento, California, USA. She is an infamous TV icon and a celebrity – which is especially distinguished for hosting reality TV shows. In 2008 she was doing a stint dubbed Syfy’s Ghost Hunter. She debuted her career in Ghost Hunters when she appeared together with Adam Berry: who is also her paranormal investigator.

Moreover, Amy was Beyond Reality Radio producer alongside Jason Hawes alongside Grant Wilson. Her background, family, education, and early life are still concealed. She has an extensively large following on social media.

Amy Bruni married to Husband, and Children

Amy Bruni is a mother, and she sired her first child at the age of 36. The child is called Charlotte, and she was born on October 11, 2012. She was fathered by her boyfriend Jimmy – who he was dating at that time. However, the duo was not ready to settle down as husband and wife. Just like many celebrities, she has chosen to keep her relationship details to herself, and she rarely talks about it openly. After enjoying her teenage and early adulthood alone, she has decided to sire children and announced about her second pregnancy in May 2017. Also, she even flaunted her baby bump photo on her Instagram. It is evident that she loves her daughter, but she has hidden her second lover.

Image of Amy Bruni boyfriend Jimmy and their daughter

Amy Bruni boyfriend Jimmy, and their daughter

She seems not to be interested in marriage because she could have secured a husband for herself by now. However, she just sires kids out of wedlock and continues dating men without settling down. Amy once posted on social media that Charlotte has a dad and they live quite well as a loving family. That made her sound as if she is married, but she still concealed the identity of her husband. It could be that the second pregnancy is still from the same man who fathered Charlotte.

Nevertheless, she revealed something more about him, when he said that she had posted his photos on Facebook and Instagram, and she even gave a clue of how you can search for her man. You can type “Amy Bruni baby daddy,” and he will be featured in the search results.

Amy Bruni Net Worth, Salary, Career, Age

Ammy Bruni is currently 41 years of age. She has a hefty annual salary of $200 thousand and a net worth of $800 thousand. Compared to her fellow ghost hunters, her salary and net worth are very low, because ghost hunters are known to earn in millions. Therefore, you can say that she is among the poorest ghost hunters: despite the amount of salary that she earns.

Image of Amy Bruni net worth is $800 thousand

Amy Bruni net worth is $800 thousand

Her childhood experiences had a lot of influence on her career, and consequently, she decided to follow her heart in ghost hunting. Amy was born and raised in an environment that was ghost hunted, and that brought a lot of influence to her. Since when she stopped working for a health insurance company, she decided to start ghost hunting – which is all about investigating paranormal experiences.

She has been in this field for over 20 years, and she is continuing. Ghost hunting involves traveling to many places that are haunted by ghosts and they investigate the supernatural evidence and activities that go on there. Currently, she has her own paranormal company dubbed Strange Escapes that deals in paranormal investigations.

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