Meet Steve Harvey’s ex-wife: Marjorie Bridges-Woods Married, Children, Net Worth, Age, Family, and Wiki-bio

Marjorie Bridges was born on October 10, 1974, in the USA, but her exact place of birth is not known. Just like her renowned celebrity husband Steve Harvey, Marjorie is Steve’s third wife, and he is her third husband. Formerly she had married two other men, but she later divorced them, likewise to Steve Harvey. She is a fashion blogger and always by his side, even when he hosts his TV shows. Her fashion blog is called The Lady Loves Couture. Marjorie loves fashion so much and always poses for photos skimpily dressed. Nothing is revealed about her family, education, and background. Learn about Marjorie Bridges Woods married life with Steve Harvey and children. Also, find out Marjorie Bridges-Woods net worth and salary.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods married to husband, Steve Harvey, and Children

Marjorie Bridges has gone through a lot, and her past experiences have formed her history, not to mention that they have also taught her a lot in life. She was formerly married to Jimmy Townsend, but he was imprisoned in 2009 due to drug-related cases. Consequently, she divorced him, but not because they fell out. Afterward, she married Darnell Woods who is Jimmy Townsend’s cousin, but unfortunately, he was also arrested due to drug trafficking.

Finally, Marjorie met the love of her life and husband Steve Harvey: who had also gone through similar challenges in his life. The couple got married in 2007, and they became quite an item because they have never looked back or fallen out with each other. They are truly a great celebrity couple.

Image of Marjorie Bridges with her husband and their kids

Marjorie Bridges with her husband, Steve Harvey, and children

She has three children with Darnell called Jason, Morgan, and Lori. Marjorie revealed that she was not interested in marrying Steve Harvey, but after dating him for two years, she fell in love with him and decided to settle down. When they got married, she became a stepmother to four children that Steve Harvey had begotten in his previous two marriages. They are twins called Brandi and Karli, plus Wyton from Steve’s second marriage, while Broderick Steve Junior is from Steve’s first marriage.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Net Worth, Age, Career

Marjorie is a very industrious woman and a fact that is proved by the immense wealth that she possesses. It is not many celebrities who have been able to acquire the amount of money that she has. She has a whopping 100 million dollars that she has acquired from her diverse business investments. Other than her fashion blog dubbed The Lady Loves Couture – that is quite successful, she also has other investments. She is the owner of Marjorie Harvey Handbags, and it is subcategorized as Bougie Boho in White and Bougie Boho in Yellow.

Image of Marjorie Briges net worth is $100 million

Marjorie Bridges-Woods net worth is $100 million

Marjorie popularity has spread far and wide, and consequently, she has a humongous following on social media. Her “what else? MH handbags” are sold on her blog, and their prices are quite pocket-friendly. Contrary to what most people would think about them, (because they are sold by a celebrity), the couple won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Currently, Marjorie is 44 years old, and she is 17 years younger than her husband, Steve Harvey. That is quite evident in their pictures. All her life is devoted to fashion, and she was even invited to Paris Fashion Week – not to mention Milan Fashion Week.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Parents, Wiki-bio

Her mother is called Doris Bridges, and she gave birth to her celebrity daughter together with her husband. However, her father is not known because she has highly concealed all the information about him. It is very ironical to see such a well-known celebrity like Marjorie, who has been able to hide information about her life successfully. Not much can be talked about Doris or her husband because Marjorie has done her best to retain the lowest profile about them by hiding their details. Marjorie dropped out of the University of Memphis due to misconduct. Marjorie is of mixed ethnicity because she was born to a white mother and a black father. She shared their photo on Instagram when wishing her father a happy 83rd birthday in early January 2018.

She is still fortunate to have parents despite the fact that they are old. Her star is continuing to get brighter day after day under the shade of Steve Harvey.

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