Moonshiners Steven Ray Tickle Net Worth, Wife, Married, Wiki, Bio, Dead

Steven Ray Tickle is an American TV personality and a famous carpenter. He came to limelight for his know for his role in the Discovery Channel series, Moonshiners.

Besides his life on camera, we shall look deeper into his wiki-bio facts. In this, we shall find out about his married life, wife, and net worth.

We shall also confirm whether the reality personality is dead as alleged or not.

Moonshiners Steven Ray Tickle Net Worth and Salary

Moonshiners Steven Ray Tickle’s current net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. His successful television personality career is the foremost contribution to his net worth.

Image of Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle net worth is $1.5 million

Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle net worth is $1.5 million

The celebrity was paid a salary of $1 million when he first appeared in the Moonshiners. This is according to reports published by some trusted wiki sources.

Steven Ray Tickle and the other cast members were paid a salary of $30,000 per episode. As of now, his current annual salary from the show has not been disclosed.

He also generates an admirable amount of salary from his carpentry profession — all these channels to his total net worth that is still on the rise.

Steven Ray Tickle from Moonshiners Married Life; Wife and Children

Steven Ray Tickle has succeeded in keeping his married life in the dark. His bio reveals nothing concerning it.

However, there is just a small hint that suggests he was once married to a wife. This is the evidence of a daughter who is publicly recognized as his. Her name is Daisy Tickle, and she is in her teenage years.

Image of Steven Ray Tickle with his daughter Daisy Tickle

Steven Ray Tickle with his daughter, Daisy Tickle

The mother of the child who probably was his wife has not been mentioned. Sources reveal that the two divorced.

After parting with his wife, the celeb was linked to a girl named Jaci. He made the relationship public through Facebook. The two were not meant for each other, and they parted ways after a while.

He hooked up with another lady, Jenny Jen in 2016. This too did not last long.

As of now, he is presumably single, fathering his only daughter.


Steven Ray Tickle’s TV career debuted on 6th December. He joined the cast of the reality TV series; Moonshiners aired on Discovery Channel.

His performance was outstanding, and this earned him favor with the series’ producers. They allowed him to host his show on the channel in 2013. His show was entitled “Tickle,” and it only lasted for 13 episodes.

Currently, the moonshiner legally partners with Sugar Distillation Company to produce moonshine liquor. He has done this collaboration since 2014.

Image of Steven Ray Tickle from Moonshiners show

Steven Ray Tickle from Moonshiners show

Apart from brewing moonshine, Steven Ray Tickle is a superb Carpenter. The famous Clyde’s Restaurant is one of the major landmarks he made in this career. In 2013, he lived in Washington 2 full years while building this restaurant.

It is situated near the Verizon Center downtown.

In 2013, he was actively involved in politics. He had announced of his intention to run for the 5th Congress as an independent candidate.

Wiki, Bio

Steven Ray Tickle’s wiki reveals he was born on November 30, 1976. The 42-year-old was born in South West Carolina, United States.

He was born to the late Larry Craig Tickle and Lois Ileane Keller Tickle. Wiki reveals that his father died of paralysis when he was 64 years of age.

He grew up in Dry Fork Virginia along with his three siblings; Darrel, Glenn, and Mike.

Not much has been revealed about Steven Ray Tickle education. He did his high school studies at Tunstall High School.

Is Steven Ray Tickle Dead or Alive?

Steven Ray Tickle is not dead. He is alive and actively pursuing his destiny. Social media and the internet can be helpful or destructive.

They are the major platforms that channel information to masses of people at a time.  It was all over the internet that Steven Ray Tickle is dead from an accident.

Image of Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle is still alive

Moonshiners cast Steven Ray Tickle is still alive

However, those were just rumors. Again it is confirmed that the moonshiner legend is not dead.

Quick Facts about Moonshiners Steven Ray Tickle

Name Steven Ray Tickle
Age 42
Birthdate November 30, 1976
Birthplace South West Carolina, United States
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Larry Craig Tickle &Lois Ileane Keller Tickle
Siblings 3 (Darrel, Glenn, and Mike)
Career Television Personality, Carpenter
Net worth $1.5 million
Wife None
Children 1 (Daisy Tickle)
Body measurements Not known

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