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Kris Kelly is a gold miner who was little known until the producers of Discovery Channel show, Bering Sea Gold, approached him and his family members to join the show.

He is now a popular reality TV personality. The details about Kris’ date of birth and childhood are not public yet.

Kris is the child of Brad and Wendy Kelly. He has one younger brother, Andy Kelly. He is believed to be in his late 30s. If Kris is not mining, then he is surfing on Hawaii beaches.

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Kris Kelly with his brother Andy and father Brad Kelly

Bering Sea Gold cast Kris Kelly with his brother Andy and father Brad Kelly

He mines together with his father and brother in the show. They have had tumultuous times during the show due to poor machines that keep breaking down.

Now that Kris Kelly is captaining his dredger we might begin seeing change. The following paragraphs delve into Kris Kelly’s life.

Net worth

Image of Bering Sea Gold cast Kris Kelly net worth is $100,000

Bering Sea Gold cast Kris Kelly net worth is $100,000

A big part of this wealth comes from his salary at Bering Sea Gold, show.  Kris has not come out publicly to declare how much he earns from the show.

Kris Kelly is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000.

Kris hasn’t had a very successful career in his gold mining work. He has been working with his family members who haven’t been so successful as well.

Maybe, now that he is the captain of his dredger, his fortunes may change for the better. In season 10 he came out as the captain, and he came face to face with one of the largest miners, Shawn Pomrenke.

Career that Kris Kelly $100,000 Net Worth.

Kris Kelly was attracted to the business of gold mining through his father, Brad. They started the gold mining business in California. The state of California later banned the business. This meant they had to move their dredging business to another location, Hawaii.

It is during their mining activities that the producers of Bering Sea Gold, show approached them to cast in its 3rd season. Bering Sea Gold is a show produced by the same producers of the popular TV series ‘Deadliest Catch’. Bering Sea Gold is a show that features the day-to-day gold scouting and dredging events during summer, spring, and winter.

Image of Kris Kelly from Bering Sea Gold show

Kris Kelly from Bering Sea Gold show

The show covers the personal lives of the gold miners from their dangerous experiences, relationships, fighting, failing machinery, and many other entertaining activities.

Kris started as a diver on The Minnow, which was Steve Riedel’s dredger. The crew did not make to mine any much gold in their first season. Brad Kelly acquired The Minnow and captained in the following seasons. He renamed it The Reaper.

Kris Kelly continued to work as a diver on the rebranded dredger, now working under his dad. They would experience a lot of machine breakdown that affected their mining work.

Their work was derailed amidst poor work relations with his family members; his father and brother. At one point he brought in his mother, Wendy Kelly, with the expectation that it would become better, but Wendy and Brad’s disagreement were expressed raw on the screens.

In the 10th season, the fortunes have turned well for Kris Kelly as he is now the captain of his new dredger, The Reaper. This is a new start and hopefully no more breakdowns.

Kelly Kris has a Facebook page which hasn’t been updated since December 2017. The last Facebook post was on December 26, 2017, when he had a fundraiser for his birthday.

Kris Kelly married, wife, dating

As famous as he is, Kris Kelly has managed to keep his personal life very private. He has kept his love relationships out of the screens. Kris has been extremely busy trying to bring his gold mining career to match other competing gold miners. His busy life could be a deterrent to having an intimate relationship or if he has any, not to have the time to show it off even during the show.

Kris’ last social media activity shows that he is busy trying to build his career. He spends much of his time in Hawaii. The guess is that maybe he spends his time with his special one. It can only be speculated that Kris Kelly is single and has no children

Image of Kris Kelly is currently single

Kris Kelly is currently single

Kris Kelly measurements: height and weight

The star is a very private person. Details about him are not known.

Wiki-bio Description
Full name Kris Kelly
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) Not known
Birthplace Nome, Alaska
Net worth $100,000
Mother Wendy Kelly
Father Brad Kelly
Ethnicity/Race White/Native American
Career Gold miner
Nationality American
Marital status Not known
Children Not known
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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