Is Tom Selleck married? Know his wife, children, net worth, dead or alive

Are you conversant with the Blue Blood show that airs on CBS?  Then, the name Tom Selleck is not new to you. The guy is a legend in the American acting industry. Recently, fans were devastated by the rumors of his departure from the Blue Bloods franchise.

Find out the reality of this rumors right in this article. Also, get to explore Tom Selleck’s net worth, salary as well as his wiki details including his age, weight, height, and parents. But let us first start by unveiling Tom Selleck’s wife. This is because it is through this section that you will also understand Tom Selleck’s daughter or children and his married life.


Your favorite actor was born to Martha and Robert Dean Selleck. He is privileged to have one sister, Martha and two brothers, Robert and Daniel. Although you know him as Tom Selleck, his official names are Thomas William Selleck. On the 29th day of January 1945, this marks the actual birth date of the outgoing American actor. In a way, this means that presently, Tom Selleck’s age is 73.

What is exciting is that despite his age, he is still a strong man and does perform his role in the latest movies superbly. His exact place of birth is Detroit in Michigan. About his nationality, the gentleman is an American categorizing in the white ethnic group. Tom Selleck stands on a height of 6 feet and 2 inches. His weight remains a mystery. The same case applies to his body measurements

Image of Tom Selleck height is 6 feet 2 inches

Tom Selleck height is 6 feet 2 inches

Tom Selleck Married to a Wife and Have Children.

The actor’s love story is one for the ages. During the years 1971 and 1982, it was right to acknowledge Jacqueline Mary Ray as Tom Selleck’s wife. As of now, however, the model and former actress are divorced from the Blue Blood series star.

Image of Tom Selleck with his ex-wife Jacqueline Mary Ray

Tom Selleck with his ex-wife Jacqueline Mary Ray

The two eventually separated. One remarkable aspect of their marriage was the adoption of their son Kevin Selleck, originally born in 1966.

Image of Tom Selleck son Kevin Selleck

Tom Selleck son Kevin Selleck

Despite his divorce, you cannot say that Tom Selleck is single because he was fortunate to find new love in the arms of Jillie Joan Mack. The two have been married for an estimated 31 years now. Their colorful wedding occurred on 7th August 1987. Presently, therefore, Tom Selleck’s wife is the beautiful Jillie Joan Mack.

Image of Tom Selleck with his wife Jillie Joan Mack

Tom Selleck with his wife Jillie Joan Mack

Tom Selleck’s wife Jillie Joan was born in 1957 on the day of Christmas in Devizes rooted in Wiltshire, England. She is a former English actress. It is known that Tom Selleck’s wife has blessed the celebrity with a lovely daughter. Hannah Margaret Selleck is the beautiful name of Tom Selleck’s daughter.

Hannah was born on the 16th day of December 1988. Like her father, Tom Selleck’s daughter is becoming popular with the passing of years. Influencing this is the fact that it is known that Hannah Margaret Selleck is an equestrian and co-owns a little boutique breeding stable with his dad earthed in Halley.

Image of Tom Selleck daughter Hannah Margaret Selleck

Tom Selleck daughter Hannah Margaret Selleck

One thing that is apparent is Tom Selleck’s daughter beauty. Although she is of the right age of marriage, it is not known whether Tom Selleck’s daughter has a handsome someone in his life.

 These details will, however, be updated on this site before you even know it. Since there are no relationship dramas about the relationship of the star, it is believed that Tom Selleck’s wife along with the star is enjoying a beautiful married life.

Tom Selleck’s career

Before then let’s take a quick look into his career. The star began his career at The Dating Game in 1965. He then progressed to commercials and started featuring in movies such as Owen Marshall, Movie Murder and Charlie. The man admits that he did not play significant roles in the film.

This should tell you that by then Tom Selleck’s salary was minimal. With time, however, after his excellent role in Thomas Magnum, he received huge recognition which increased his fan base and popularity. He featured in Blue Bloods.

His net worth and salary

Based on the lavish life the actor is enjoying you, and the type of assets he owns can bet that Tom Selleck’s net worth is colossal. To be precise, he owns a house in Los Angeles. California. The house beside the normal features comprises a gaming room, a swimming pool, and a home office. It is worth $4 million.

Although the price of his Ferrari is not quoted, from the brand of the car itself, it is not anything cheap. With this, how much do you expect Tom Selleck’s net worth as of 2018 to be? Well, for the net worth of anyone to be calculated there must be details concerning his salary. What this implies is that it is essential to first unveil Tom Selleck’s salary in the Blue Bloods TV series.

In the show, Tom Selleck’s salary per episode is estimated to be $200,000. According to him in as much as he is grateful for his earnings, they did not emerge from the blues. The actor worked tirelessly to get to where he is today. This work ethic still burns bright. Therefore, there is a possibility that Tom Selleck’s salary per episode may increase over time.

Image of Actor, Tom Selleck net worth is $45 million

Actor, Tom Selleck net worth is $45 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tom Selleck’s net worth is $45 million. This does not come as a shock due to two main things. The first one is his earning per episode in Blue Bloods. The second one is because of his feature in many shows and the awards he has received which increase his earnings. Tom Selleck’s net worth will increase.

Is Tom Selleck dead or alive? What is Tom Selleck doing now?

Recently, there have been ongoing rumors about Tom Selleck’s life. While some argue that he is dead, others think that he is dead. We can confirm that these rumors are among the many rumors which categorize in the false category.

You all can, therefore, relax because Tom Selleck is alive and kicking and hopefully he does not meet the maker anytime soon for the sake of his loyal fans, friends, and family. Consider catching up with him on the television series Blue Bloods.


Tom Selleck is a popular American actor currently featuring in the Blue Bloods TV show. He is a family man with a wife and children. His salary and net worth since he began acting have rapidly increased.

Official Name Thomas William Selleck
Age 75
Birthdate 1945
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Parents Martha & Robert Selleck
Siblings Martha, Robert & Daniel
Career Acting
Net worth $45 million
Salary per episode $200,000
Marital status Divorced Jacqueline Mary Ray

Married Jillie Joan Mark-1987

Children 2
Weight Not Known
Height 6 feet 2 inches

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