Milla Jovovich, Husband, Daughters, Net worth

Milla Jovovich is an internationally recognized actress who has appeared in significant blockbuster movies but what about her life besides the fame. For example, did you know that she had a music career some time ago in Russia? No, well then get ready to be surprised by such astonishing information about her private life. Also get to know about her net worth and career in detail.

Milla Jovovich Husband and Daughters:

Milla Jovovich really likes to put a seductive spin to all of her roles in the movies. This has caused her to gain a lot of popularity among the male viewers. However, we are sorry to disappoint them that Milla is sadly already taken. She is married to the famous screenwriter and director Paul WS Anderson for almost 8 years now.

Paul W. Anderson had met on the sets of ‘Resident Evil’ in 2002 that Anderson was directing and instantly hit it off. Despite already being engaged in 2003 the couple took a break from their relationship shortly but got back together again. They got married on 22nd August 2009 and have two children together. They have two daughters, their first daughter Ever Gabo J. Anderson was born on 3rd November 2007 that also catalyzed their wedding. She and her husband also have another daughter DashielEdan who was born on 1st April 2015.

Milla Jovovich With Her Family

Milla Jovovich with her Family, out in Los Angeles.

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MillaJovovich seems to have a great family life. She is often spotted enjoying a good vacation with her husband and family. For the new year of 2013, the couple decided to go to Maui for a dream vacation along with t6heir older daughter, Ever. They also went on a vacation in 2011 to a beach in Mexico.

Her Past Relationships:

Milla has quite a lot of history when it comes to her past love life. Let’s start from the beginning and with the biggest shocker, she was already married in the past. She was married to her co-star as well as her on-screen boyfriend, Shawn Andrews from the film ‘Dazed and Confused’ that they did together. She was just 16 at that time while former husband Andrews; it was later Milla’s mother who annulled a divorce from the marriage due to her underage. So she got to be a young wife for only a short while. She also had a lot of boyfriends, dating Stuart Zender in England from 1994 to 1995 and photographer Mario Sorrenti to name a few.

Mila Jovovich and Shawn Andrews wedding

Mila Jovovich and Shawn Andrews on their wedding day.

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She also married director Luc Benson from of one of her greatest projects, ‘The Fifth Element’ in Las Vegas in 1997. But their wedding was short lived and the two got a divorce after just 2 years in 1999.

Mila Jovovich and Luc Benson in Cannes Film Festival.

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Her Bio and Net Worth:

Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich was born on December 17, 1975, in Kiev, Ukraine, USSR but she later migrated to London, England and then later Sacramento, California due to political reasons. She was born to Serbian father BogichJovovich and mother Galina Loginova who is a famous Russian actress. Her parents are separated and her father also has a son with an Argentinian woman he had a relationship with the name Marco Jovovich. However, she has not properly met him yet and knows very less about her half-brother. All of her acting and subsidiary careers has also caused her to have a huge net worth estimated to be around 36 million dollars.

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