Moonshiners Mark Ramsey Wiki-Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Married, Family

Mark Ramsey is a very popular moonshiner in the United States. He is a cast member in the Discovery Channel’s reality television series, Moonshiners since 2013.  He has advanced to be among the top Moonshiners in the U.S. This has earned him fame and increased his net worth.

Get to know about this Moonshiner’s wife, family, and wiki-bio.  

Moonshiners Mark Ramsey Net Worth and Salary

Mark Ramsey’s net worth is estimated to be $300,000. His career as a television personality is believed to be the major contribution to his net worth. He has made appearances in quite some episodes and seasons in the Moonshiners show. However, the exact salary he receives from this role has not been disclosed to the public.

Image of Moonshiners cast Mark Ramsey net worth is $300,000

Moonshiners cast Mark Ramsey net worth is $300,000

The television personality is said to own some luxurious assets. These also have made some significance to his net worth although it’s little.

Mark Ramsey Married Life with Wife and Children

Mark Ramsey married life has remained an utmost secret.  

Unlike many celebrities has been too secretive about his personal life. There are no records of his love life or family in his bio.

According to the wiki, a star is most probably a family man. He has been spotted with a certain lady severally in public occasions.

Mark Ramsey was with this lady alleged to be his wife at the popcorn Sutton 3rd Annual event. He has also been seen side by side with her in various Moonshine related events.

He has not yet opened up about his married life or wife. If he is married then, we cannot ascertain the number of children he may be having. Neither are we sure of how big his family is.

Image of Mark Ramsey from Moonshiners who is not married yet

Mark Ramsey from Moonshiners is not married yet


Mark Ramsey’s career began with an interest in brewing when he was a young boy. As he grew up, he learned hand on skills from a local moonshine expert. Unknowingly, this was to turn to a lifetime career.

The celebrity initially entered into the moonshine brewing career as a skill builder. He worked for the late legend moonshiner, Popcorn Sutton who died on March 16, 2009.

Mark Ramsey attributes his appearance on television to his late boss, Popcorn Sutton. He made his first appearance in the reality TV series, Moonshiners in 2013. At this time, the series was in its third season. He has been working in it from then to present.

This series follows the lives of several moonshiners from Appalachia. In it, they are seen documenting their liquor production and law-dodging skills.

Mark Ramsey once confessed that they couldn’t permit themselves to be caught by the law. Reason being, what they do is totally against the law.

He closely works with his best friend Digger Manes. He is also an expert moonshiner and distilling partner.

Image of Mark Ramsey work as skill builder in Moonshiner.

Mark Ramsey work as a skill builder in Moonshiner.

In 2015, Mark Ramsey and his partner Digger Manes collaborated with Sugarland’s Distilling Company. This is a brewery company located in Gatlinburg, East Tennessee. Through this collaboration, they were to come up with new flavors of the moonshine spirit.

The two partners have used innovative techniques to create amazingly unique products. At the same time, Mark and Digger have succeeded in retaining the traditional formula throughout the process.

So far, they have made the Mark Ramsey and Digger Mane’s Apple Rye Brandy. Recently, they have also launched another brand called Mark & Digger’s Hazel Nut Rum.

Wiki, Bio

Mark Ramsey date of birth is not known.  However, he grew up in East Tennessee in the United States of America. He learned the art of brewing moonshine from a local moonshine expert there in Tennessee. Nothing much about his early life or family background has been disclosed by wiki-bio sources.

Wiki has not also disclosed his education background. The celebrity has closed the media out of his private life.

Not much is known about him. Neither has there been a mention of any of his family members even in social media. Perhaps it’s because of the illegal business he does or otherwise for reasons better known to him.

Quick Facts about Moonshiner Mark Ramsey

Name Mark Ramsey
Age Not known
Birthdate Not known
Birthplace Not known
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career Moonshine brewer, Television Personality
Net worth $300,000
Wife Not known
Children Not known
Body measurements Not known

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