BoostedGT and Kayla Morton married? His Wiki, Bio, Car, Net Worth.

Of course, Boosted GT’s last appearance on the screen was not so well as he lost to flip. This does not, however, alter the notion that the gentleman ranks among the fastest small tire cars. Keep reading this article to discover more about this man’s career essentially about Boosted GT’s net worth.

The article will also cover the stars’ personal life; hence you can be sure to know a thing or two about Boosted GT and Kayla Morton through this piece. Before getting to all these details, isn’t it right if we start with the basic information about this celebrity?


Popularly known as Street Outlaws Boosted GT, the gentleman officially goes by the name Chris Hamilton. He is an American by nationality and categorizes in the white ethnic group. Knowing his age is a bit tricky since he has remained rigid about his year of birth.

However, he celebrates his birthday on the 17th of March. Details about his height and weight are not availed to the public. The case is no different for his early life and education. Therefore, let us just proceed to Boosted GT’s career as there is a handful of information about this sector of his life.


Unlike most car racers, Street Outlaws’ Boosted GT’s professional career did not begin while he was little. This is something that started as soon as he shifted to Oklahoma, but he admits that his passion for racing began while he was still a young boy. On arrival to Oklahoma, the man decided to join the Street Outlaws reality series airing on Disney Channel.

The main was not to be a celebrity but to boost his career. Notably, his career is improving by day since his performance from season five has grown tremendously. It has also Boosted his racing speed on the small tires. So that you know, the guy has been part of the Street Outlaws family since the shows season three.

Image of Racing Driver, Chris Hamilton (Boosted GT)

Racing Driver, Chris Hamilton (Boosted GT)

His primary mission career wise is to be position one in the 405 crew members. However, Boosted GT is currently eyeing for the chance of being ranked among the top 10 list of the 405 Crew members. You can follow the celebrity either on Facebook or on Instagram to stay posted about his career life and cars because he regularly posts updates on these two social media websites.

Let’s drive straight to Boosted GT’S net worth because other than improving his career and increasing his fan base. Street Outlaws series has gained the future car racer champion a vast net worth.

Boostedgt car and net worth (details on his cars: Mustang and engine)

Boosted GT’s net worth as of early 2019 is pretty much the same as what it was towards the end of 2018. Particularly, the net worth the car racers earned in 2018 which he still earns in early 2019 is an estimated $1 million.

Image of American Racing Driver, Chris Hamilton net worth is $1 million

American Racing Driver, Chris Hamilton net worth is $1 million

Details about his salary are not known. However, he must be earning something substantial since he owns expensive drives. Particularly, the guy’s current car is a New Edge Mustang. At the beginning of his career, the car he bought and drove was the SN 95 Mustang.

The difference in the worth of the two vehicles is an indication that Boosted GT’s net worth has over the years been increasing. Keep checking on this site to unveil Boosted GT’s net worth once it reaches any reputable sources.

Image of Boosted GT, Chris Hamilton car

Boosted GT, Chris Hamilton car

Boostedgt and Kayla married? his girlfriend and baby

Chris Hamilton has a family life outside his car racing career. Kayla Morton is a huge part of this other side of the celebrity as she is his girlfriend. Yes! Kayla Morton and Boosted GT are a couple but are yet to be married officially. Together they are raising two children named Copper and Austin. However, each of the two children is from their previous relationships. Car racing is a common profession for both Boosted GT and Kayla Morton.

Image of Boosted GT Chris Hamilton with his wife Kayla Morton.

Chris Hamilton aka “BoostedGT” with his wife, Kayla Morton.

This is because just like Chris Hamilton, Kayla Morton is a professional car racer. It does not drive the small tires but the heavy vehicles. They at some point even competed together on the show, and Morton emerged the winner. Every possibility indicates that their children will also grow to be car racers because Kayla Morton is already introducing them to this kind of life.


Otherwise known as Boosted GT, Chris Hamilton is an upcoming top car racer. He has been part of the Street Outlaws reality television series since its third series. Through the show, he has gained fame, huge fans, and net worth. Also, Boosted GT is in a happy relationship with the professional car racer Kayla Morton.

Name Chris Hamilton
Age Not Known
Birthdate 17th March
Birthplace Not Known
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Career Car Racing
Net worth $1 million
Wife Kayla Morton
Children 2
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known

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