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In as much as most people have come to refer to him as Monza, his real name is Jerry Johnston. His driving skills can only be rivaled by very few people. Monza is quite talented and experienced. Due to his driving skills, Monza managed to secure a slot at the popular reality television show, ‘Street Outlaws.’

What makes Monza stand out as a rally driver are his unique maneuverability skills. Here are some details about Monza “Jerry Johnston” married life with wife, and children. Details on Monza’s net worth, car, and crash updates.

Monza Street Outlaws Net Worth and Salary Per Episode

In his career life, Monza has worked so hard to climb up the ladder. Along the years, he has been able to beat serious opponents and consequently improve on his position as a car racer. It is due to this stubborn determination and resilience that Monza has been able to make a fortune for himself. Monza might have beaten Doc in their latest car race. However, Doc still beats him when it comes to the summation of their average net worth. From the latest estimates, Monza ‘Street Outlaws’ net worth is about $500,000 and his salary is under review yet.

Image of Monza Street Outlaws cast net worth is $500,000

Monza Street Outlaws net worth is $500,000

Well, this is quite some money for a person in the car racing industry. It is always good to remember that car racing is not one of the highest paying jobs in the world. One has to sweat his or her ass off just to earn a dollar. That Monza has managed to accumulate half a million dollar for the years he has been racing only means that his hard work has been top-dressed with success.

In all honesty, the greater portion of Monza’s wealth has come from his participation in the popular television show, ‘Street Outlaws.’ The world has come to respect him as a rally driver owing to his greater driving skills and creativity. The show pays him quite well. Monza is one of the major characters in the ‘Street Outlaws.’ Apart from the reality show and car racing, it is said that Monza also has other side jobs to take care of.

All these have worked to buttress his financial base. Unfortunately, the amount of money that Monza earns at the end of every episode in the ‘Street Outlaws’ is not exactly known. However, being a senior in the show, Monza could not be earning anything less than $20,000.

Monza “Jerry Johnston” Married To Wife, Tammy and have Children

Monza is not a lonely man after all. He is has a wife and a son. Monza’s wife name is Tammy Johnston. The two have been married for the last over thirty years. Having wedded in 1986, the marriage life of Monza and Tammy has been a fulfilling one. The couple has enjoyed the good days and endured the bad ones. Their son’s name is Brandon Johnston. It is said that Monza and his wife decided not to have any more children.

Image of Monza with his wife Tammy Johnson

Monza with his wife, Tammy Johnston

How old is Monza “Jerry Johnston”? Age, Birthdate, Birthday

For now, the exact date of Monza’s birth is not known. It is therefore hard to tell his real age. However, on the face of it, Monza is no longer a youth.

Wikipedia, Bio, Real Name

Monza’s real name is Jerry Johnston. He is a man of very few words. He rarely talks in public. However, when it comes to the wheels, Monza goes completely wild. At the moment, there are no available tangible pieces of information regarding the family members of Monza.

Monza Cars And Crash Updates

Monza’s car is the 1972 Chevrolet Camaro Rally Sports Car. To enhance the performance of the car, he decided to do certain modifications to it. With the very powerful specifications, this car can put up a very impressive performance on the track. His crash incident captured the attention of the media. It was that bad. Monza’s car was badly dented.

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