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Mark Worman is a TV producer, and the founder of the television reality show Graveyard Carz. The CEO of The Division Production is gifted in bringing dead vintage motors back to life. Keep reading to learn more about Mark Worman’s net worth, bio, wife, children, age, etc.

Graveyard Carz Mark Worman, Daughter Allysa Rose

If you are a common viewer of the reality television show known as Graveyard Carz, you must have seen Mark Worman. Mark is the producer and director of the show. For this reason, most of his fans have been dying to know more about his personal life. They want to know his wife, age, net worth, career, daughter, and other personal stuff. If you are one of them, then you are in the right place.

Mark Worman is popularly known for his role in the Graveyard Carz TV series. The car enthusiast produces and directs the show. The show focuses on restoring 1960s and 1970s muscles cars. Worman can revamp any dead car so long as it is a Chrysler muscle car. Owing to his unique talent and abilities, mark became not only successful but also very popular. There is no doubt he owes much of his success to his appearance on the Graveyard Carz TV show.

Mark Worman has a beautiful daughter called Allysa Rose. Allysa is an actress and is also known for her regular appearance in the Graveyard Carz TV reality series. The female car enthusiast started appearing in her father’s show in 2012. Allysa was married to an Australian footballer Josh Rose. According to rumors, the two divorced due to some undisclosed issues. Her ex-husband also made a few appearances in the reality show before he quitted.

Image of Mark Worman and his daughter, Allysa Rose

Graveyard Carz star Mark Worman with his daughter, Allysa Rose

Is Mark Worman married to Wife? Children

Many have been wondering whether the reality TV star is married. Unlike his daughter Allysa, Mark’s wife prefers to stay out of the public eye. Mark also does not like to talk about his wife in public. However, his daughter often shares pictures of her mother on social media. That alone is enough proof that the producer of the Graveyard Carz show is or was a married man. Even so, Allysa has been very careful not to reveal her mother’s real name.  Also, it’s unclear whether or not Mark is currently married to Allysa’s mother. We also don’t know whether Mark has other children apart from Allysa Rose.

Image of Mark Worman's wife and daughter, Allysa Rose

Mark Worman’s daughter, Allysa Rose posted her image with her mother on Instagram

Mark Worman Net Worth, Age, Career, House, Cars

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, the adage goes. No doubt, Mark Worman had almost nothing to start his business. The TV star is one of the successful celebrities who went from rags to riches. He was raised up in a poor background, but he had big dreams.

As of 2018, Mark Worman net worth is estimated at $500,000. Mark has earned most of his wealth from his unique ability to bring dead cars back to life. His net worth has increased substantially since 2007 thanks to his TV reality show.

Image of Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz has an net worth of $500,000

Mark Worman from Graveyard Carz has a net worth of $500,000

Apart from managing his production business in Oregon, Mark is also a film producer. In 2014, he produced a short movie titled Trinket. This movie may have also increased his net worth. Mark’s first car was a 1970’s Dodge Charger, which was orange in color.

Mark Worman Wiki. What is he doing now?

Mark Worman was born on 21st August 1962 in Oregon, USA. The reality TV personality was raised in Springfield together with his sibling Tara Worman. Mark’s father succumbed to cancer when Mark was young. So his mother Ruby raised them alone. Due to family problems, Worman would drop out of high school to support his mother.

Mark developed an interest in motors ever since he was a child. The TV personality would spend most of his time reading car magazines. In 1985, he launched a small auto shop in Springfield. Before that he worked in several auto shops as a mechanic.

Today, Mark is the Chief Executive Officer of the Division Productions. The company produces the reality TV series “Graveyard Carz.” What is Worman Doing now? He is producing and directing his TV reality show.

Short bio

Mark Worman is a television personality and was born in 1962 in the United States of America. The founder of Graveyard Carz dropped out of high school to support his mother. Mark father succumbed to cancer when he was 12. Mark Worman net worth is estimated at $500,000. His has one daughter named Allysa Rose.

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