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Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about Allysa Rose. She is the gorgeous woman at the Graveyard Carz TV show. At Graveyard Carz, skeletons of old muscle cars from the 1960’s are given a breath of life again. In this post, we will talk about one of the casts, Allysa Rose. We’ll talk about her net worth, husband, wiki, bio, children, and divorce. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

Graveyard Carz Allysa Rose, Father Mark Worman

Rose has been fascinated by cars since she was young. And she seems to know how to transform totally dead cars into something mesmerizing. The TV personality realized many people are unable to find their dream cars in the market. For this reason, she decided to find a way of how to help these car fanatics to build and customize their dream cars. She revamps vintage cars in order to give them a chance in life.

Allysa Rose is the daughter to Mark Worman, founder of Graveyard Carz – where dead cars are brought to life. Mr. Worman is the producer and director of the show. This American reality TV series is a combination of garage work and comedy. If you follow the show, then you must be familiar with Mark Worman’s sense of humor. This car enthusiast has achieved tremendous success ever since he joined the car business in the 80s. Now he produces and directs his own television show.

Allysa Rose and her father Mark Worman, Graveyard Carz

Allysa Rose with her father Mark Worman, from Graveyard Carz

Allysa Rose married her Husband, Josh Rose, and Children. Divorce rumors

The stunning car expert is a family woman. She is married to her husband, an Australian national Josh Rose. Mr. Rose is a footballer by profession. In 2011 to 2014, he appeared regularly on the Graveyard Carz show. Actually, he appeared in four seasons of the show before he suddenly vanished into thin air.

So why did he quit the show? This talented gentleman who resurrected many dead cars left the show due to low pay. It appears that, however, there may have been some family issues that contributed to his departure. One of them is his separation from Allysa Rose.

Jose dated Allysa for a very long time. The pair was finally joined together into holy matrimony. The couple was blessed with two cute kids – a daughter and a son. The two shared common hobbies and interests. Their fans hoped that their marriage would stand the test of time but things didn’t work out.

Image of Allysa Rose with her husband, Jose Rose and daughter

Allysa Rose with her husband, Jose Rose, and daughter

While news about Allysa divorce is yet to be confirmed by the couple, there is no denying that the two are no longer together. In fact, rumors have it that Allysa Rose is currently seeing another guy.

So another reason why Josh left the show could be that he did not want to appear in the same show with his ex-wife.

Allysa Rose Net Worth, Age, Career

The TV star was born in 1991 to Mark Worman. As aforesaid, Mr. Worman is the producer and director of the Graveyard Carz reality television series.  Apart from the year of birth, there is no other detail about her date of birth.

Allysa Rose has been associated with cars since childhood. She started liking automobiles from a tender age. According to her father, Allysa started showing interest in autos since she was 10 years old. And because she was so attracted to motors, her father bought her Dirt bikes, Gokart, and other toys.

Image of Allysa Rose from Graveyard Carz amazing car

Allysa Rose from Graveyard Carz has an amazing net worth and cars

Eventually, the beautiful car enthusiasts started working with her father in their garage. They transformed dead cars into stunning new cars. One thing you need to know about her is she does not work on simple tasks such as paints and screws. Allysa is an expert and works on complex areas, such as the engines, gearboxes, etc.

Apart from cars, Allysa has other hobbies. She is a dancer as well. The pretty TV personality started dancing when she was barely seven years old. That was before she started showing interest in automobiles. It’s also worth noting that her father Mark is a dancer too. He likes coming up with some hilarious dancing styles on his show. He is not one of the best dancers though.

About Allysa Rose net worth, there is no official report about it. But it is safe to believe she has made a lot of money as she has appeared in numerous TV series. Her father’s net worth is estimated at $500,000.

Allysa Rose Wiki and bio? What is she doing now?

Allysa Rose was born in 1991 in the United States of America. She is the daughter to Mark Worman, the founder, and director of Graveyard Carz. The TV personality was married to Josh Rose and has two beautiful daughters. As per the rumors, the car expert divorced her husband and is currently dating another man. Allysa Rose net worth is still under review. There is no doubt she has made a lot of money from her career.

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