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The face of James Franzo is one which may not be so easy to recognize. However, for those who are ardent fans of the television series, Life Below Zero, his voice should not be a difficult thing to recognize. James has been narrating the series since the beginning. Through his smooth voice, he takes the viewers to some of the unknown areas of Alaska. The people may not know so much about the personal life of this media giant. For instance, not so many fans are aware of the fact that James Franzo received a heart transplant about one year ago.

Learn more about James Franzo’s married life with wife, children, bio, and career in Life Below Zero.

James Franzo Married Life With Wife. Any Children?

At the moment, James Franzo is a married man. The available websites do not reveal so much useful information about the marriage life of James Franzo. Not so much research has been done about the life of this fellow. If anything, James Franzo has never been a visible character. He is merely the voice behind the curtains. It is, therefore, possible that most of the viewers have never been so interested in knowing so much about him.

The lack of interest about James Franzo’s person should explain the laid back attitude that the researchers have over the time developed towards extracting pieces of information relating to him. However, on the face of it, James Franzo looks so settled and mature; a trait that is mostly associated with married men and children. We can, therefore, take a smart guess that he is married with a child or two. All the same, such remain to be mere speculations. Nobody in the public domain can accurately tell how James Franzo’s marriage life looks like.

James Franzo Net Worth and Salary. His Career in Life Below Zero

For now, the net worth of James Franzo is still being reviewed. The amount of money he earns a salary at the end of every month is also not known. However, it is so easy to tell that James Franzo is a man who has been eating life with a very big spoon. Going the net worth of his contemporaries at the Life Below Zero, James Franzo cannot practically fall way below the mark. Some estimates say that James Franzo’s net worth could be somewhere between $100,000 to $249,000.

Image of Film director, James Franzo net worth is $249,000

Life Below Zero actor, James Franzo net worth is $249,000

James Franzo plays a very pivotal role in the television series, Life Below Zero. With his moderately deep and smooth voice, he can comfortably take the viewers to some of the most hidden areas of Alaska. Apart from being a television presenter, James Franzo has also earned part of his wealth by being an actor. Throughout his career, James has made appearances in some movies.

His maiden acting job was in the Days of Our Lives. This was a movie that was initially performed in 1965. As a daytime American soap opera, the program Days of Our Lives is one of the longest running shows in the history of the American entertainment industry. For almost half a century, the cast has been entertaining audiences from various walks of life.

How Old Is James Franzo? Age, Birthday, Birthdate

Born on the 11th of February 1970, James Franzo is presently 48 years old. James celebrates his birthday on the 11th of February every year. He is yet to post any picture of his birthday celebrations on social media.

Wikipedia, Biography, Family

There is nothing which can be said about James’ parents at the moment. James is Caucasian by ethnicity and American by nationality. He is a Republican by political affiliation. James is a Christian by faith and denomination. His siblings are Rocco Franzo and David Franzo.

What Is James Franzo Doing Now?

Currently, James Franzo has a house in Levvitown in New York. He still works at Life Below Zero.

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