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How keen have you been while watching Mountain Men? If the answer is extra keen or anything similar to that, then you know this guy who often time saves people from ensuring they do not end up being an ice pop. Yes, he is Marty Meierotto. Today, we decide that you know a little bit more about this star in this piece. To be precise, the article will be disclosing Marty Meierotto’s net worth after familiarizing you with his career of course. Afterward, you will get the opportunity of unveiling Marty Meierotto’s wife as well as his children but starting right now is his biography.


Marty Meierotto is a Canadain actor. He belongs to the white ethnicity. Details about his weight are not known. The stars height is not known either. As for his age, he has not been open about it. However, sources indicate that he could be approaching his late fifties. Wisconsin rooted in the United States of America marks his actual place of birth. Education-wise, there is no information, but he spent most of his early childhood engaging in fur trapping alongside his dad. Speaking of his dad, the celebrity has not gone into revealing the identity of his parents or even his siblings. Nevertheless, they must be super proud of who their son turned out to be eventually.


Like most of the actors in the industry, Marty Meierotto’s career began while he was still very young. He attributes the early start of his career to his father. This is because it was his father who would engage him in fur tapping since when he was a young boy. Interestingly, he did not depart from this way of life, and it was his consistency in this niche that gave him a platform on Mountain Men.

Image of Marty Meierotto cast from Mountain Men show

Marty Meierotto cast from Mountain Men show

Notably, fur trapping exposed the gentleman to living a life that is strenuous and humanly overwhelming. Most of the times, the producers of Mountain Men look for such a quality in their cast members. Therefore, his strenuous and humanly overwhelming life drove the producers of the Mountain Men to ask Marty Meierotto to be part of them and just like that he was lucky and he began his career in the television industry.

Marty Meierotto net worth

Marty Meierotto’s net worth is quite substantial but before we reveal it let’s know of his income right? Well, according to celebrity net worth, the guy pockets a salary of $60,000 annually. As for his net worth, it is estimated to being around $250,000.

Image of Mountain Men cast Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000

Mountain Men cast Marty Meierotto net worth is $250,000

Even though Marty Meierotto’s net worth is something many would die to have, the gentleman does not make a big issue out of it. According to him, he loves what he does, and it does not matter whether he gains from it financially or not. Therefore, his huge net worth cannot change the man that he is no matter what. Perhaps most of the celebrities, as well as the persons in the society, should adopt this kind of notion in their life, don’t you think so?

Marty Meierotto is Married To Wife Dominique Meierotto.

If you were hoping that the gentleman is not married well sorry because he is already taken. It is not known when his marriage occurred or even his dating story. However, it is a fact that Marty Meierotto’s wife is the beautiful Dominique Meierotto.

Image of Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique Meierotto and daughter Noah

Marty Meierotto with his wife Dominique Meierotto and daughter Noah

Currently, they stay at the Alaskan Revolution Mountain. Together, Marty Meierotto and wife Dominique Meierotto have been blessed with a gorgeous daughter identifying as Noah. Like Marty Meierotto’s wife, details about Noah Meierotto remains hidden from the public. Irrespective of this, the star and his wife are enjoying a beautiful married life since there have been no relationship scandals of either of them. Also, it is very easy to pinpoint the bond as well as the love they have through watching how they live and how supportive they are of each other.

Marty Meierotto, what is he doing now?

There were speculations of Martyn Meierotto being off the History Channel’s hit series Mountain Men. Well, the gentleman is still part of Mountain Men hence consider catching up with him there.


Marty Meierotto is a popular reality television star. His fame, as well as his substantial net worth, is as a result of his appearance in Mountain Men which airs on History Channel. Besides acting the gentleman is married to Dominique with whom they share a daughter, Noah.

Quick facts about Marty Meierotto

Name Marty Meierotto
Age Late 50’s
Birthdate Not Known
Birthplace Northern Wisconsin, USA
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity White
Career Tv personality
Net worth $250,000
Salary $60,000
Wife Dominique Meierotto
Children 1
Body measurements Not Known

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