Moonshiners Eric “Digger” Manes Wiki/Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Arrested

Eric ‘’Digger’’ Manes is a cast member in the famous reality TV series, Moonshiners. This is a docudrama type of a series aired on the Discovery Channel.

Brewing of moonshine is illegal in the eyes of the law. With this, he might have had rubbed shoulders with the law and in turn, arrested.  Find out the facts to this allegation in this article.

The article also sheds light on his wiki-bio, wife and net worth.


Moonshiners Eric “Digger” Manes grew up in Newport, Tennessee in the United States. There is a high likelihood that he was born in that same locality. It is from this place that he learned the skills of brewing moonshine at an early age.

Just like the majority of the Moonshiners, Eric “Digger” Manes remains lip-sealed concerning his private life. His bio has no information about his age, residence or any relative affiliated to him. His academic achievements also remain under the shadows.


Digger Manes’ career is far fetched from his childhood days. However, the practice of his professionalism came to the limelight in 2014. This was when he first appeared in the Discovery Channel’s reality TV series, Moonshiners.

Image of Eric Digger Manes from Moonshiners show

Eric Digger Manes from Moonshiners show

As a television personality, he also appeared in a show named; Moonshiners: Shiners on Shine. He also appeared in another; Smoky Mountains Rise: A benefit for the My People Fund. However, there are no further details provided concerning these.

Currently, he works along with his partner Mark Ramsey.  In 2015, Digger Manes and his partner Mike Ramsey collaborated with Sugarland’s Distilling Company.

In their partnership, they came up with innovative techniques to develop unique products. One of the brands they developed is the Digger Manes and Mark Ramsey’s Apple Rye Brandy. They also came up with another brand named Mark & Digger’s Hazel Nut Rum.

Moonshiners Eric “Digger” Manes Net Worth

Eric “Digger Manes”  net worth is approximately $300,000. The greatest portion of his net worth is gained from the Moonshiners series. Though the exact salary is not yet established, it is believed he is paid well.

Image of Moonshiners cast Eric "Digger" Manes net worth is $300,000

Moonshiners cast Eric “Digger” Manes net worth is $300,000

The return he receives from collaboration with Sugarland’s is another source of his net worth.

Eric “Digger” Manes Married, Wife, Children

Wiki-bio has not succeeded in finding out about Digger Manes’ married life. There is absolutely no information disclosing about his love affairs. Moreover, he has never been spotted in any public scene with a possible girlfriend or wife.

Amazingly, even in social media, there is nothing of such a kind rumored around. This leaves his fans clueless of whether he is married to a wife or not. The same case applies to children. It is not possible to tell whether he is a fathering some children somewhere or not.

Is Eric “Digger” Manes from Moonshiners Arrested?

Digger Manes has never been arrested by brewing the illegal liquor.

The Moonshiner Digger Manes and others have claimed that the business they conduct is illegal. The moonshine brew they produce is an illegal brew and prohibited by the law. The unanswered question to the viewers is: why have they not been arrested yet?

This question spearheaded the rumor of Digger Manes having been arrested. To clarify this rumor, the television personality has never been into a police cell.

Responding to this criticism, this is what the celebrity had to say. The process of producing Moonshine takes place deep inside the Appalachian woods. The episodes are then aired long after the operations are complete.

He further stated that it’s impossible to tell whether it’s the illegal liquor getting distilled. For this reason, the law has not enough evidence against them. Moreover, the law has bigger claims to handle the likes of terrorists and muggings.

Quick Facts about Moonshiners Eric “Digger” Manes

Name Eric “Digger” Manes
Age Not known
Birthdate Not known
Birthplace Newport, Tennessee, United States
Nationality Not known
Ethnicity Not known
Parents Not known
Siblings Not known
Career Television Personality, Moonshiners
Net worth $300,000
Wife Not known
Children Not known
Body measurements Not known

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