Who is Luke McGregor dating? Details on girlfriend and 2018 upcoming shows

Luke McGregor has been dating his current girlfriend for a few years now. Fans are eager to find out who the lucky lady in McGregor’s life is. Here’s what we know about his partner and also his upcoming shows in 2018.

Luke McGregor’s girlfriend is a nurse

McGregor famously talked about his anxiety surrounding intimacy on national TV. He went on to reveal that his ABC show led him to find his current girlfriend Marie.

After a month of doing the show, he met Marie, who is a cardiac nurse, at a friend’s wedding. They began dating shortly and are now living together.

Since beginning his relationship with Marie, McGregor confesses that he has been able to overcome his fear of intimacy.

Luke McGregor and co-star Celia Pacquola in formal wear

Luke McGregor and co-star Celia Pacquola

However, in an honest interview in 2017, he went on to say, “I never learn from this, but I always think if this thing happens I will feel good or I will feel happy. Like, if I have a girlfriend, I will feel secure and I won’t hate myself so much. Then, as soon as I got a girlfriend, I’m like, there must be something wrong with her because she likes me, or it is only going to be a matter of time before this doesn’t work any more because of me.”

Apart from this, McGregor hasn’t shared much about his girlfriend.

Luke McGregor upcoming shows: 2018 show date

The comedian recently wrapped up the sophomore season of his show Rosehaven. He is presently busy performing his hit show Almost Fixed It at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Luke Mcgregor holding a mic at a show

Luke McGregor has a hit show Almost Fixed It

According to comedy.com.au, McGregor will be performing the show from April 3, 2018 to April 17, 2018 at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne. You can book your tickets on the site!

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