Who is Lindsay Kay Hayward’s baby daddy? Does the wrestling star have a husband?

Former WWE wrestling star Lindsay Kay Hayward has not yet revealed who her baby daddy is. Fans speculate that the baby’s father is her ex-boyfriend Paul Gorvin. The “My Giant Life” actress is yet to find a husband.

Is Paul Gorvin Lindsay Kay Hayward’s baby daddy?

Hayward gave birth to her first baby, Liam Maddox Hayward, on September 12, 2017. Fans were surprised when the new mother revealed that she was no longer dating her British boyfriend, Paul Gorvin.

In an episode of My Giant Life, the actress informed that she had moved to Las Vegas and had called things off with Gorvin. She didn’t say exactly when she and Gorvin separated, so it’s hard to tell if Gorvin is really the baby’s father.

Since she has given her last name to her son, it’s safe to assume that the baby daddy, whoever he may be, is no longer in the picture.
But no worries! Lindsay’s mom Ellen has been helping her raise Liam. Lindsay wrote on Instagram that she wouldn’t have made it through the last days of pregnancy if it wasn’t for her mother.

Lindsay Kay Hayward with mother Ellen and son Liam

Lindsay Kay Hayward with mother Ellen and son Liam

“So grateful to know a love like my mother’s. Thank you for being here for me and holding my hand through this experience, mama,”

wrote the Guinness World Record-holding actress.

We’re sure Lindsay is more than capable of raising her baby boy on her own. Liam weighed 11 pounds at the time of his birth and has inherited Lindsay’s “thunder thighs.” She called him a “little sumo wrestler”! She had revealed the news on her Twitter, sharing a photo from the hospital bed.

“Liam Maddox Hayward born September 12th, 2017 @ 15:27 PST. 11.7lbs in weight, 21.5″ in length. My miracle. My flesh. My son,”

Lindsay wrote in the caption.

Will Lindsay Kay Hayward get a husband in 2018?

Lindsay Kay Hayward is surely an intimidating woman, and not just because of her height of 6’9”. Known as “Isis the Amazon” during her WWE days, Hayward would have to choose from a long list of suitors if she were ever to get married.

We’ll have to keep up with Hayward’s socials for any updates!

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