Is Kitty Flanagan keeping her partner & married life secret? Her possible Husband or boyfriend revealed.

Actors may have looked; Pop-stars have talent but comedians also possess a unique quality of their own that is their undeniable sense of humor. Meet Kitty Flanagan, a veteran comedian from Australia and learn about her life both personal and professional. For instance is she married to someone or does she have a secret boyfriend? Also, get know about her recent career happenings like her tour dates and upcoming tours.

Kitty Flanagan is not married but probably dating a mystery boyfriend.

Alright let us begin with the juicier bits first and I do mean her personal life. People say that it is tough being married to or in a relationship with a comedian for a reason, you will never hear the end of it. Although Kitty Flanagan rarely gets an occasion to speak about her dating life in her line of work, that does not stop her to speak about it in between doing stand-up.

A character that keeps coming up is this policeman she dated for 18 months. It has been long since she had dated the policeman boyfriend but he is brought up in a lot of her sketches.

Other than that there have been no other lucky (or unlucky) boyfriends that have been so remembered by Kitty. She also never mentions a husband so a married life is also out of question. She must have a bustling career right now to deal with her dating life.

Kitty Flanagan Tour 2017/2018

Kitty Flanagan Smashing

Kitty Flanagan performing at The Regent Theatre.

Source: YouTube

Moving on to her career, Kitty Flanagan has been busy with one tour after another. Recently she has been busy with her 2017 tour ‘Smashing’ where she is performing in theatres nationwide.

She just completed her tour ‘Seriously’ that lasted from February to June. Kitty Flanagan is at her best when it comes to performing on her tours.

She is not even somewhat monotonous and likes to chime in the contents of the town she is performing at even including local sites to make her audience relate more towards her skit. You can even by her ‘Seriously’ tour now on DVD.

Kitty Flanagan Seriously

Kitty Flanagan “Seriously” tour is out now on dvd.


Kitty Flanagan Wiki: Bio & Age.

Kitty Flanagan despite having her own website fails to give us details to construct a proper bio. Her Wikipedia and Google references say that she was born in 1970, so that makes her 46-47 years of age.

She is an Australian born in Sydney, New South Wales. As a child, Kitty was small and petite with big front teeth and fuzzy hair.

She grew up really shy and preferred to stay at home in Saturdays watching TV. She initially wanted to become an actor but failed when she couldn’t perform scenes without bursting into laughter.

After trying out a career as a PE teacher and Advertising, Kitty finally found her calling as a comedian.

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