Luciana Zogbi Biography, Age, Nationality

Luciana Zogbi is a Brazilian-Lebanese singer, songwriter and YouTube star. Luciana shot to fame when she did her cover of John Legend’s ‘All of me’. The cover also immediately went viral collecting over 30 million views on her YouTube channel.

From then on, Luciana has been growing her fan base day in day out on her YouTube channel ‘TempestinWhite’. The channel has over 600,000 subscribers and counting. She also has continued to do covers for several other musicians such as Idina Menzel’s ‘Let it go’ and Smith’s ‘Stay with me’.

Luciana Zogbi biography

Luciana Zogbi was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil on 27 October 1994. She is only 22 years old and her star sign is Scorpio. Luciana Zogbi is a Brazilian National.  Luciana Zogbi is also her real name as well as her stage name. Before she shot to fame, Luciana would perform in bars and also in local cafes in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Luciana Zogbi YouTube channel

Luciana Zogbi’s YouTube channel ‘TempestinWhite’ boasts of more than 600,000 views and 75 million combined views. Her cover of the song ‘all of me’ by John Legend also garnered 20 million views within a period of just one year.


Luciana Zogbi’s 5 most famous video on her YouTube channel

Luciana’s unique vocal talents will ensure that she is never forgotten in the world of music. She has done covers for musicians such as Sam Smith, Avicii, U2, Coldplay and James Morrison. Here are five most famous videos in her YouTube channel;

  1. John Legend – ‘All of Me’. This is her all-time favorite jam because it made her famous. It has 61,648,203 views on YouTube and counting. This cover was published on Jan 9, 2014, and has 39,149 comments. It also has 637,827 likes and 20,090 dislikes.
  1. Ed Sheeran – ‘Thinking Out Loud’. This is the second song on the list. It was published on Apr 14, 2015, and has 8,865,787 views and counting. It also has 94,883 likes and 2,105 dislikes.
  1. Sam Smith – ‘I’m Not The Only One’. The third song on the list is by Sam Smith. It was published on Jan 12, 2015, and has 6,979,998 views. It also has 61,835 likes and 1538 dislikes.
  1. Let It Go (Disney’s Frozen) Cover – ‘Let It Go’ comes at number 4 with 6,690,003 views and counting. It has 47,301 likes and 1925 dislikes. Feb 19, 2014, is the day it was published on her channel.
  1. ADELE – ‘HELLO’-The fifth song on the list is by non-other than Adele. Her cover has also garnered 5,489,553 views and counting. The cover has 63,686 likes and 1,955 dislikes. December 4, 2015, is the day it was published.

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