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 At the age of 24, Christian Guzman is an online fitness coach. His main objective since the start of his fitness career is to help people transform themselves through physical fitness. In 2012 he began his youtube channel on physical fitness “introduction to the channel, natural bodybuilding Christian Guzman”.

Christian Guzman Net Worth

Net Worth: $1.3 Million

Ever since the beginning of his YouTube channel in 2012, Christian Guzman wealth has accumulated to over $1.3Million. This is attributed to his YouTube channel which has accumulated to over 706, 240 subscribers. The channel has close to 889 videos with more than 133M views over the years. This has cumulated his net worth by $133k a year. However, his net worth is not only accumulated from the YouTube channels. He also owns his fitness business Alphalete gym and clothing line. Alphalete clothing. Actually, most of Christian Guzman’s net worth is accumulated from his businesses. He uses the social media platforms such as YouTube Instagram and Facebook to advertise his businesses to his followers. It is from this business that Guzman’s net worth is able to gradually increase to the current net worth.

DATING LIFE: Girlfriend and Breakups

Love is like the air covering every single soul on the planet and Christian Guzman is no exception. At the age of 22, he fell in love with a fellow YouTube fitness star Nikki Blackketter. She is a model and a youtube fitness personality. Nikki Blackketter supported Christian Guzman in his Alphalete clothing line in addressing the female section. The couple bought a house together and moved in together. However in February 2016, the couple broke up, they both uploaded videos concerning their breakup on their YouTube channel. Five months later the couple uploaded photos of them together having a good time at the Hawaii beach. It was then revealed that the couple was back together once more again. However, this love didn’t last for a long time for soon after they broke up again.

Christian Guzman and Nikki Blackketter

Caption: Christian Guzman and Nikki Blackketter

Source: igbox

Early 2017  Guzman revealed his new girlfriend, Heidi Sommers to his youtube followers. This move by Christian Guzman sparks a lot of mixed emotions from his followers some were excited at his new move to be happy once more again however some were disappointed at how fast he had moved on from Nikki since they had just broken up.

Christian Guzman and Heidi Sommers working out

Caption: Christian Guzman and Heidi Sommers working out together

Source: Youtube

His YouTube Channel

Physical fitness is an everyday requirement in the modern generation. Christian Guzman is one of the fitness instructors who let you work out at the comfort of your home. His youtube channel began in 2012 and has all along focused on physical fitness. With over 700,000 subscribers and more than 800 videos, he is able to illustrate how to be physically fit. One of his most common videos is “Arm workout revealed” this illustrates on how to obtain wide arm muscles easily. This video attracted more than 1M views on his channel.

Caption: Christian Guzman “Arm Workout Revealed” Video

His channel has attracted close to over 80M views since its inception in 2012. This just illustrates how eager people are to be physically fit. Christian Guzman has also done youtube video “A day in the life.” with the YouTube star Steve Cook.

No hard work goes without pay and Christian Guzman effort to make us achieve our perfection doesn’t go unnoticed. His Youtube net worth arising from the ads being shown during his videos amount to $ 133K annually. This is attributed to his approximate 250,000 views daily on his channel.

Short Bio

The American fitness star was born on February 20th, 1993 in Texas United states. Other than being an entrepreneur and a fitness personality, He is very enthusiastic about guitar playing. He has lived his life dedicated to transforming people physically fitness. This can be proved by the Christian Guzman channel, the Alphalete gym and Alphalete clothing line where he sells fitness clothing.

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