Hodge Twins Net Worth

Keith and Kevin Hodge make up the Hodge twins. They are YouTube entertainment stars who focus more on entertaining and inspiring people to lead a healthier life. The identical twins have really made their way up the entertainment industry through their YouTube channels attracting to close to 5 M subscribers in their channels and almost 4K videos.


The Hodge twin’s net worth is estimated to be close to $3.8 Million, this net worth is generated mainly from their YouTube channels. Before the start of their YouTube Channels in 2008, the Hodge twins worked in US Marine Corps. Later on, Keith suggested that they should quit their day jobs and follow their dreams in the entertainment industry, Kevin agreed to the idea and in December 2008 they began their first YouTube Channel “Hodge twins” which currently has more than 800 videos attracting more than 1.2M subscribers. Later on, they launched other Channels such as The Twin Muscle channel which has more than 1700 videos and 1.7M subscribers, Ask Hodge twins channels with over 800 videos and 1.1M subscribes.
The Hodge twins vlogs which have over 300 videos and slightly over 600K subscribers.

One of their popular videos on youtube includes “You are not Black” which attracted close to 2M views. With close to over 900K views on their channels per day the net worth of the Hodge twins is said to increase by a revenue of close to $52,000 annually from the Google ads being aired on their channels. However, their videos together are not the only source of their income. Before their venture into the entertainment industry, the twins were working together at the US Marine Corps.

Short Biography

Born on 17th September 1975 in Virginia, the natural United Kingdom entertainers Keith and Kevin had a higher sense of humor thus passionate about making people laugh while at the same time entertaining them. The duo didn’t move directly into the entertainment they first ventured into a white collar industry in finance at the US Marine corps before quitting in 2008 to fully join the entertainment industry.

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