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The  American youtube star Julien Solomita known as “The fighting solo” is a video content creator on youtube. In 2012 Dec Julie began his youtube channel “Julien Solomita”. In 2014 Solomita and his girlfriend Jenna began a YouTube podcast together “Jenna Juliens” which focuses on random topics. Other than Vlogging Julien also works at AMP radio as a programmer. He also sings in a Musical band withJoshua DTV and Arnold Telegaart.

His YouTube Channel.

“Julien Solomita” channel began in 2012. It has over 1M subscribers, 639 Videos uploads with over 189M views. The videos have created both positive and negative comments adding to over 584,000 comments. The total number of likes and dislikes in Julien Solomita channels are over 6 Million likes and slightly over 65,000 dislikes.

Julien Solomita

Caption: Julien Solomita Hits A Million Subscribers


  1. Massive blue UFO over Los Angeles.

The video was uploaded in 2015 November when a strange blue light was seen above the Los Angeles sky. It was so bright that it seemed so close to the clouds making them looks like they were glowing. After a short period, the light disappeared into the sky. It was assumed that it was a UFO that was passing by. The video attracted a total view of 10M with 63K likes and 4K dislikes.

  1. Making our Siris talk to Each other

Siri is a phone talk back application. Julien and Jenna are seen initiating a conversation between their phones Siris. The Siris keep conversing while the couple enjoys the moment. They, later on, decide to change the voices of the Siris, His Siri takes over the male voice while Jenna Siri sticks to the female voice. They then initiate another conversation between the Siris and listen as the Siris converse. The video is very Humorous that it managed to attract a total view of 2.5M with over 69K likes and 802 dislikes.

  1. My girlfriend does my hair.

Julien and Jenna upload this video shortly after their podcast. The couple decides that Jenna would toy around with Julien’s hair to see how it looks like in various styles. She tries out quite a number styles at first with Julien’s hair straight and then curled some styles give him a girly look.  This video attract 2.2M views, 30K likes and 411 dislikes

  1. Our dogs after the Dentist.

After Kermit’s visit to the dentist. He is brought home by both Julien and Jenna. Peach and Marbles Kermit’s brothers are invited to welcome him home.  Marble is excited to see his brother home and show a lot of love and concern Peach, on the other hand, is slightly restrained. Julien tries to convince his to get close to his brother but he keeps running off and avoids giving His brother a kiss.


Net Worth: $500,000

The net worth of Julien is sourced from his YouTube channel and his job at AMP radio. His income from YouTube generates a greater portion of his net worth as he earns an estimated revenue of $ 140,000 annually. This is not only his source of income, his net worth is also generated from the income earned in their Podcast as well as his salary from AMP.

Julien And Jenna

Caption: Julien And Jenna With Their Dogs


Born on 17th of April 1992 in Stanford California. Julien has one elder sister Roxanne and one younger brother Marlon. As a child, he played baseball.His YouTube videos would always feature his dog Peach. His achievement as a Vlogger has tremendously grown over attracting over 1 million subscribers.


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