Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth: Find Out About His Source of Income.

Born in Haines, Alaska, Parker Schnabel has been in the gold mining business for years. He got into mining when he was a kid. His grandfather, John Schnabel, introduced him to the art of mining at the family’s ‘Big Nugget‘ mine. Parker has a brother called Payson, and they grew up together in Porcupine Creek, Alaska. He joined Discovery channel’s ‘Gold Rush‘ in its second season. Since then, the 22-year-old has been constantly proving that he is a worthy miner. Determined and calculated, Parker is one of the show’s most successful participants. He was supposed to join a college during the show’s fourth season. Instead, Parker used his college fund to start his own mining operation. This operation generates most of the guy’s net worth.

Parker Schnabel Discovery Channel "Gold Rush"

Caption: Parker Schnabel in Discovery Channel “Gold Rush”

Schnabel’s net worth

Parker’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million. He joined the cast of ‘Gold Rush’ at the age of 17, being the show’s youngest member. Throughout the show, the young miner has shown a great determination and drive to succeed. His phenomenal work ethics and dedication are what gained him his fame and success. The show’s fifth season was impressively successful for the young miner. By the end of this season, he had mined almost 2,600 ounces of gold, equivalating almost 3 million dollars. This was a great boost in Schnabel’s already considerable net worth. During season 6, his dredge managed to pull out almost 3,400 ounces, which are worth about three and a half million dollars. Schnabel uses most of his earnings to buy better equipment and machinery.

Ever since he joined the show, the young Alaskan has been consistently earning more than the rest of the cast. Although co-star Todd Hoffman is a lot more experienced, the show’s youngest miner managed to beat his record during the fourth season. This year’s season began in October 2016, and fans everywhere are dying to find out who’s going to be the most successful miner this time.

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