Does young ‘rapper’ MattyB have a girlfriend? If not, who is he dating now?

Since the early days of YouTube, covers of popular songs have been uploaded almost constantly. Of course, not all YouTube cover artists have what it takes to make it big in this industry. That’s not the case of Matthew Morris, who has caught the attention of all the USA with his pop and hip hop covers. Ever since he started his music career, MattyB, as he is widely known, has uploaded an impressive number of remixes and covers of mainstream songs. The young rapper now has more than 8.1 million subscribers on his official channel, MattyBRaps. Matthew appeared on several TV shows, such as ‘Today’‘Dr. Phil’ and ‘The Queen Latifa Show’. He also collaborated with a few celebrities, including Vanilla Ice, remaking his famous ‘Ice Ice Baby’ with MattyB. Matt is now at the perfect age to start dating. So let’s see if the young rapper has a girlfriend.

MattyB’s dating history and girlfriends

Although you might think his parents wouldn’t agree with dating at such a young age, that’s not how it is. Matty has been, in fact, dating, and he’s had a few girlfriends, as well. Apparently, the young rapper and Jojo Siwa have been dating for a while. The two appeared together in several videos, and rumor is that Jojo was his girlfriend at the time. Some say that Matty and Jordan Jones have been dating a while back, but this was never confirmed, so we’re not certain if she was the kid’s girlfriend. Kate Cadogan is the girl who appeared in Matty’s ‘Ms. Jackson’ (Outkast) and ‘Hooked on You’. She and Matty have been dating for a while, but she didn’t make it to the rank of girlfriend. Matt also collaborated with Liv.

MattyB with girlfriend Jojo Siwa

Caption: MattyB with Jojo Siwa

Matt also collaborated with Liv Shumbers, who appeared in several MattyB videos. They hang out a lot and vlog together. Their fans started a rumor that the two might be dating, but neither Matt or Liv confirmed that she’s his girlfriend. On the MattyBVlogs channel, Ivey was Matty’s apparent girlfriend, or so she wished, as the show seems to be made just for fun. The show even featured a break-up between the two. Matty’s fangirls were delirious when they found out about the break-up. Loren Beech also showed an interest in dating the ‘rapper’, as she once posted a Twitter update saying ‘That’s it. I’m dating MattyB.’ We don’t know if she is currently Matty’s girlfriend, though.

Is the rumor about Matty being gay true?

There are a lot of people claiming that MattyB might be gay. Although he has had a few girlfriends, the rumor about him being gay still goes around. There are many YouTube videos about this, but most of them bring no conclusive proof that Matty is gay. Most of these videos are just parodies, click bait, or simply hateful unfunny commentaries. There are even rumors that MattyB might have a crush on Justin Bieber. However, those are just rumors launched by haters. Anyway, if MattyB is, in fact, gay, he is probably too young to realize it.

Short bio

MattyB was born in 2003 in Duluth, Georgia, to the family of Blake and Tawny Morris. His full name is Matthew David Morris and he has four siblings. Matt has three brothers: Blake Jr., John Michael, and Joshua. Matt is the youngest of the Morris brothers. He also has a younger sister called Sarah Grace. Before becoming a rapper, Matty used to play baseball. Matty started his career in music at the age of 7. His first cover was Bieber’s Eenie Meenie. Since then, he covered tens of popular songs, such as Notorious B.I.G.’s Juicy‘, Taylor Swift’s Blank Space‘. He also released several original songs and an EP called Outside the Lines‘. He first went on tour at the age of 10. He is now working hard on his career as a rapper, holding sold-out events all over the USA.


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