Jenna Marbles Biography: IS She Dating anyone? Find about Her Boyfriend, Breakups and Current Relationship Status

Jenna Marbles is an American beautiful and talented internet sensation.  She is a comedian, actress, YouTuber, and also a vlogger. Her YouTube channel has over 17 million subscribers and 2 billion views. She became famous when she uploaded ‘How to Trick People into Thinking You are Good Looking’ on her YouTube Channel which went viral shortly after it’s release.

Caption: Jenna Marbles “How To Trick People Into Thinking You Are Good Looking”

On August 2011, another of her videos went viral. ‘How To Avoid Talking to People You Don’t Want to Talk To’ was even featured on New York Times and ABC News. This video has over 36 million views. She is also a member of YouTube Celebrities, American YouTubers, and YouTube personalities.

Before her fame: From Bartender to YouTube Star

Jenna Marbles was born on 15 September 1986 in Rochester, New York, US. Her real name is Jenna Nicole Mourey. She was raised in Rochester.She went to Brighton High SchooL and graduated in 2004. After high school, she attended   Suffolk University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She also attained a master’s degree in Education in Sports Psychology and counseling from Boston University.  Jenna started working as a blogger shortly after attaining her master’s degree. She also worked for a blog called Barstool Sports. In the year 2010, She was struggling to make ends meet. She had to work odd jobs such as bartending, dancing at nightclubs and tanning salon to pay for her shared $ 800 apartment.

 Jenna Marble’s private life: dating, boyfriend, break ups

Jenna’s zodiac sign is zodiac. She stands at 5ft 5in. surprisingly her name Marbles comes from her dog’s name called Mr. Marbles. Jenna Marbles is currently single according to her public profile. On 2011, she was dating Max Weisz, her longtime boyfriend with whom they moved to Santa Monica. Their relationship came to an end in December 2012.

Jenna Marbles with her boyfriend Max Weisz

Caption: Jenna Marbles and Max Weisz

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She also admits that she had a tough time after breaking up with Max and she struggled to move on. She later started to date Julien Solomita in 2013.

Jenna Marbles with boyfriend Julien Solomita

Caption: Jenna Marbles and Julien Solomita at Palms Pool

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