Greg Gutfeld Net Worth: How Much Does a TV personality, Blogger and Author Earns?

On September 12th, 1964 in the town of San Mateo, California the American television personality Greg Gutfeld was born to Jacqueline Bernice and Alfred Jack Gutfeld. He completed his high school education from Juniper Serra High school and later joined the University of California Berkeley where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in English in 1987. He later joined the American spectator as an intern and there he began his careers journey towards growing his net worth and growing his personality. In 2004 while working as the editor in chief for Maxim, he met his wife Elena Mousa while attending a conference of Editors for Maxim in Portugal at the moment Elena was representing Maxim Russia. Elena is a Russian model who at the moment is working as a photo editor. The two are currently married for over twenty years now and they are living in New York.


Greg’s net worth is estimated to be $ 4 Million dollars. With an annual salary of $500,000. His main source of income includes his television shows, his income from his books such as ‘The joy of hate’ among others. Greg fame lies in his television shows such as the Greg Gutfeld show on Fox Channel. And his bestselling books. It can be recalled that while he worked as the editor in chief of the stuff magazine he left behind a remarkable record as the circulation of the magazine rose from 750,000 to 1.2 Million. He gradually grew from his magazine career and he ventured into the television industry where he continued to grow his net worth. His first television appearance was when he appeared in the television sitcom “Loise’’ He also has his own show dealings where he presents pop cultures and his satirical presentations.

Greg Gutfeld

Caption: Gutfeld in The Greg Gutfeld Show

It can be concluded that Greg’s Net worth and success in life was not a one-night event rather a journey that began with a small boy after college seeking to better his life to now a grown man who is well known and respected and a great author as well as a blogger. His satirical nature and funny character have enabled him to pass the message to citizens. This can be proved through the titles of his books such as the two bestselling books by Greg: “How to be Right not cool” and “The Joy of hate”.

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