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Aaron Kaufman is an American mechanic and fabricator with a passion for repairing and rebuilding cars. His passion for repairing and rebuilding things has contributed immensely to his fame.  It has also taken him to the hot rod world. Aaron’s successful journey started in Texas where he worked as a mechanic. One day, Richard Rowling went to the garage to have his ’53 Ford Mainline fixed. However, before fixing the car, he had one request. He wanted the best mechanic the garage had to offer to attend to his car.

The garage owner recommended Aaron Kaufman. Aaron impressed Richard Rowling because of the job he did. He, therefore, decided to open his own hot rod shop and bring in the workmanship of non-other than Aaron Kaufman. He agreed to work for Richard. They were later featured on a reality TV show called FAST N LOUD on Discovery channel. The show is all about the daily activities of Gas Monkey Garage. This garage deals in restoring classic cars. Gas Monkey Garage is based in Dallas, Texas. Aaron Kaufman is famous for finishing his restorations at very high speeds. This impresses his fans all over the world because of his incredible skills.

Aaron Kaufman and partner Richard Rowling

Caption: Aaron Kaufman with his partner Richard Rowling

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Early life

Aaron was born on January 26, 1982, in Crowley, Texas.  He also spent his childhood years in Texas. Aaron Kaufman did not go to college to study mechanical engineering or anything related to cars. He is simply talented and his passion for cars has led him to where he is right now. Aaron started repairing cars after finishing his high school education. It has paid off quite well if you ask me.

 Personal Life

Aaron Kaufman has always kept his personal life a secret. But as we all know, the more you hide, the more people want to find out more about you. Aaron’s dating life is not a long topic. For starters, Aaron Kaufman has never married. He had a girlfriend, Lindsay J. but they separated after dating for 3 years. Lauren Moore is his new girlfriend. They have been showing all their love and affection on Instagram. Lauren also helps Kaufman in his projects.


It’s no doubt that Kaufman is one of the most successful mechanics in Texas and also in the United States. One of his major achievements is being given the ‘Top 25 Young Event Professional’ award by special event magazine in the year 2015. He was also recognized as the President of Toronto chapter of international Special Events Society.


  • Aaron Kaufman is self-taught He acquired restoration and rebuilding skills on his own without stepping into any class.
  • Aaron has never married in his life. However, he was once in love with a girl called Lindsay J. They dated for around 3 years before they went their separate ways. It’s very unfortunate because they seemed so happy together.
  • Aaron has a new girlfriend. Her name is Lauren Moore and she supports him on his projects. They also seem very happy on Instagram and we only hope it remains that way.
  • Aaron would choose AC COBRA and a ’32 Roadster if asked to choose any two cars.

Aaron Kaufman Quits Gas Monkey Garage

Richard Rowling’s  started Gas Monkey Garage. To make it complete, Rowling’s brought in the expertise of Aaron Kaufman. Together, they were unstoppable. Richard is a very talented entrepreneur while Kaufman is a master of mechanics and fabrication. Such a combination can only mean one thing, SUCCESS. Discovery channel saw the potential in these two and decided to feature them in the TV series FAST N LOUD. Aaron left FAST N LOUD in January 2017.

Aaron Kaufman resignation for Fast N' Loud

Caption: Aaron Kaufman resignation for Fast N’ Loud on Instagram

So what made him leave Gas Monkey Garage? During an interview with Martin Feigen on Art of Gears, Kaufman reveals why he left FAST N LOUD.


Caption: Aaron Kaufman talking about quitting the show

Kaufman was not happy because of the tight schedule they had to rebuild the cars in the show. A car that takes 8-12 months to complete in a normal shop takes only 6 weeks in Gas Monkey Garage. This did not please him. At first, it was fine and interesting but it started to get to him. Now, it does not seem realistic to build a car within such a short time. He wants to build cars at his own pace. In fact, he wants to build bigger cars compared to what they do on the show. He also says there were different professional opinions and personal issues. However, this does not mean they are not in good terms with Rowling. In fact, they still talk about doing businesses together in Art of Gears

Aaron Kaufman working with Richard Rowling

Caption: Aaron Kaufman working together with Richard Rowling

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Even without the presence of Kaufman, Gas Monkey Garage will still continue to rebuild and restore classic cars to their glory.

Net Worth

Aaron Kaufman is not your ordinary mechanic. He has an estimated net worth of around $3 million dollars which he has accumulated over the years. Kaufman gets his money from his earnings at FAST N LOUD and also from his own hot rod shop called ‘Main Street Shop’. Main Street Shop started 10 years after joining FAST N LOUD series. Kaufman also has a new company called Arclight. Arclight mainly focuses on ford F-100 trucks.  There is also the idea of a new show coming up. If the show is successful, it means more wealth for Kaufman.


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