What happened to Les Stroud? Know His Wiki/Bio, Wife, Net Worth, Children, Family

Are you wondering who Les Stroud is? Les Stroud is an award-winning Canadian TV personality. He is an expert on survival, a filmmaker and a musician as well. Les is well known to have created, produced and directed famous TV reality show Survivorman.

Let us now get to the juicy details on Les Stroud’s married life with a wife, Susan Jamison, and children. Also, get to know about Les Stroud’s net worth and wiki/bio.

Who is Les Stroud? Wiki, Bio, Age

Les Stroud. A famous TV personality star was born on October 20th, 1961. This makes him 57 years old as of now and his zodiac sign Libra. Les was born in Ontario, Canada. Les Stroud rose to fame for creating the favorite TV show, Survivorman. This is a show about him living in the wild for days without basic needs. Les is also known to be a known musician. Les Stroud has a large social media following with 208k followers on Facebook, 50k followers on Instagram, and 93k on Twitter.

Early life

Stroud was born in Ontario, Canada. He was raised by both parents in Mimico neighborhood where he also schooled. Details about his parents and their profession are not known. It is also not known as to whether Les was raised together with any siblings.


Award-winning survival Les produced his first documentary while on a year-long honeymoon with his wife. It was called Snowshoes and Solitude. Les filmed how they survived at Goldsborough Lake without many basics. In 2001, he produced two segments of a show called Stranded. This encouraged Les to then produce his most popular show called Survivorman in 2004.

Image of Les Stroud from Survivorman show

Les Stroud from Survivorman show

He is also known for hosting an episode of I shouldn’t be Alive on Discovery Channel. In music, he worked as a product manager and associate producer on various music projects. Les has also played in David Bowie’s cover band Diamond Dogs as lead guitar. Les has also received many awards and nominations. He has won Best blues act, Best overall and Best acoustic at the Spirit of the North music festival. He was nominated for 6 Gemini awards for his incredible work on Survivorman.


Les Stroud attended high school in Mimico High School. He successfully graduated from there and later joined the Fanshawe College in Ontario, London. Here, Les completed the Music Industry Arts program and soon after went ahead to start his career.

Les Stroud Net Worth and Source of Income

Would it be of interest to know what Les Stroud’s net worth and source of income are? It is definitely information worth knowing! Les Stroud’s Networth is an estimated $5 million as of now.

Image of TV Personality, Les Stroud net worth is $5 million

TV Personality, Les Stroud net worth is $5 million

He has gained most of his wealth through the TV industry. His other source of Networth is through the music industry in which he has been a part of.

Les Stroud Married, Wife, Children

Les Stroud was married to Susan Jamison (Sue), from 1994-2008. The two met while colleagues were working for Black weather wilderness Adventure guide.

"Image of Les Stroud and his wife

Les Stroud with his wife, Susan Jamison

Exactly 14 years after being happily married, the couple sadly divorced. As of now, it is not known as to why Sue and Les had a divorce. Sources, however, say it may have been because Les was putting all his time and attention into working in the wild and neglecting his family.

These claims are not confirmed. Les and Susan were blessed with two amazing children, Logan, and Raylan Stroud. Les and Sue will be much remembered as the “One-year honeymoon couple “whereby Les produced award-winning documentary Snowshoe and Solitude.

"Image of Les Stroud with his son

TV personality, Les Stroud and his son

Is Les Stroud Dead or Alive?

Did Les Stroud die, or is it just a rumor? The answer is Les Stroud, fortunately, alive and kicking! As much as there have been many scares about him dying, he is not dead and is still working well.

Image of Flimmaker, Les Stroud is still alive and healthy

Filmmaker, Les Stroud is still alive and healthy

What happened to Les Stroud? Where is he now?

So what really happened to Lest Stroud? I am sure we are all eager to know! Les Stroud has been involved in many incidences that have caused waves of scares about him being dead. He was once chased by a jaguar in the wilderness and another instance; he almost died of a heat stroke in the Kalahari Desert. Les was however involved in a fatal car crash that left him in injured and in critical condition. He was fighting for his life after his car (A Prado) skidded off the road and rolled twice. Les was blessed to survive the unfortunate ordeal.

Les Stroud Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts

Full name
Les Stroud
Nickname Not known
Date of birth (age) October 20th,1961 (57 years old)
Birthplace Ontario, Canada
Net worth $5 million
Mother Not known
Father Not known
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Survival expert, filmmaker, musician
Nationality American
Marital status Divorced
Ex-wife Susan Jamison (Sue)
Children Two children (Logan and Raylen Stroud)
Height Not known
Weight Not known

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