Amy Reimann and Tommy Cook are Divorced. Know her current Husband, Net Worth, Wiki, Bio

Amy Reimann is an interior designer married to a renowned NASCAR race driver and owner of a NASCAR racing company.

Read through the lines to learn more about Amy Reimann’s married life with husband, Tommy Cook, children, and divorce reason. Also know about her current husband, Dale Earnhardt Jr, children, and net worth.

Who is Amy Reimann?

Amy Reimann is a famous American interior designer. How did she become popular? Amy was just a usual interior designer until the day she met and married the famous and wealthy Dale Jr., a NASCAR racing driver. Amy got herself into a lot of controversies when she dropped her then football defensive instructor husband, Tommy Cook. She started dating Dale while she was still married to Tommy. Isn’t that controversy?

Wiki, Biography, Early life

Amy Riemann was born on March 25th, 1982 in Texas, USA. She was born to her father Jeffrey Reimann and mother, Anna Reinmann. She grew up with her only sister, Katie. Amy Reimann is an American citizen of White ethnicity.  She attended the University of Kentucky in the year 2000. At Kentucky, she was a cheerleader. She was so good in cheerleading and dancing that she left the cheering squad and joined the Wildcat dancers in the university. Amy Reimann later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design in 2005.


After Amy finished her interior design degree at the University of Kentucky, in 2005, she started working as a project coordinator at Wakefield Beasley, a renowned architectural firm.  The company works on large architectural and planning projects. She later left the job in 2009 and joined Charlotte Studio as a Director.

Image of Furniture Designer, Amy Reimann

Furniture Designer, Amy Reimann

Amy left working for the design companies and joined her husband, Dale Jr. in her commercial filming gigs. She once did a commercial with Dale for their car racing company. Amy Reimann is sometimes seen accompanying Dale in his car racing. She took part in the car racing charity dubbed “The Better Half Dash charity race,” in 2014.

She has a strong social media following with Twitter having 191k followers and Instagram with 224k.

Amy Reimann Net Worth

Would you know how much this interior designer, Amy Reimann is worth? Amy has worked hard in her career by working for renowned interior design companies and also working as a consultant. She is now married to a rich husband who of course, rubs off some clout of wealth to her life. Credible sources have estimated Reimann’s net worth to be around $1.2 million. She is currently living a very comfortable life with his wealthy car racing husband, Dale Jr.

Image of Interior Designer, Amy Reimann net worth is $1.2 million

Interior Designer, Amy Reimann net worth is $1.2 million

Tommy Cook and Amy Reimann Married life, Divorce reason, Children

Ammy Reimann is not short of controversy. She is said to have started dating another man while she was still married to her football-playing husband, Tommy Cook. Amy is said to have met another man, Dale Jr. who is her current husband while in her working stint at his residence. Amy was married to Tommy in 2008, and they divorced the same year with no children.

One of the reasons for this divorce was Amy’s involvement with Dale Jr. This whole storm did not go down well with Bo Mallette, who was their best man during their wedding. Bo Mallette revealed that Amy was involved in another relationship as she was married. Tommy Cook’s father was also a hurt man when he came to his son’s defense. He condemned the extramarital affair. He, however, said his son had already moved on with his life, and that was water under the bridge.

Amy Reimann and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Married, Children. How Did They Meet?

Amy Reimann is currently married to Dale Earnhardt the stock car racer and owner of a NASCAR Company called JR Motorsports. The two lovebirds got engaged in June 2015 and later got married a year later on December 31st, 2016. The wedding bells rang at Richard Childress’ Childress Vineyards of Lexington, North Carolina. Richard Childress is a fellow NASCAR driver and Dale’s close friend.

Image of Amy Reimann with her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr and with their daughter Isla Earnhardt

Amy Reimann with her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr and with their daughter Isla Rose Earnhardt

How did these Amy Reimann meet with her current husband, Dale Earnhardt Jr.? They met when Amy was working for Dale Earnhardt as an interior designer at his new home. Dale had just purchased a 290 acre land at Mooresville, North Carolina and in the autumn of 2008, he was constructing a new house. He got down to interviewing professional interior designers to help in the house’s interior finishing. One of the interior designers that came to present her work was Amy Reimann.

He got attracted to this beautiful interior designer who had soft blue eyes. It was love at first sight. Being the shy man he is, Dale could not approach Amy Reimann. He had to ask his friend Majors to accompany him for a second meeting to boost his confidence. In this meeting, Majors did the work of introducing both to each other, and Dale Jr. started a conversation with her which warmed her up to him. The rest they say is history. Amy was awarded the job, and they kept meeting and working together. Their love grew to end up to their marriage.

Personal life: Measurements

Amy is now enjoying her blissful marriage with Dale Jr. They are now blessed with a beautiful daughter called, Isla Rose Earnhardt, who was born in May 2018. She did a tweet the same day she gave birth to her to celebrate their parenthood to Isla. There has not been any claim of marital problems in their marriage.

Image of Amy Reimann height is 5 feet 7 inches

Amy Reimann height is 5 feet 7 inches

Amy Reimann stands tall at a height of 5 ft 7 inches. She has a slim fit body shape which she might have managed to maintain from her sports background as a cheerleader role in the university. The slim body comes with a well-trimmed weight of about 55 kgs.

Amy Reimann Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Facts

Full name Amy Reimann
Nickname None
Date of birth (age) March 25, 1982
Birthplace Texas, United States
Net worth $1.2 million
Mother Anna Reinmann
Father Jeffrey Reimann
Ethnicity/Race White
Career Interior designer
Nationality American
Marital status Married
Husband Dale Earnhardt
Children Isla Rose Earnhardt
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Weight 55kg

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