Laura Tobin is Pregnant and Having a Baby. Who is The Father.

Babies are just like incarnations of angels don’t you agree? Maybe that is why so many celebrities like Zoey Deschanel and Eva Mendes who did not want kids in the past now already have kids. Speaking of people who did not want a baby but completely changed their mind later, GMB’s meteorologist Laura Tobin also falls in the category. Her married life with husband has been superb, and now she is going to be blessed with baby

Laura Tobin’s Having a Baby:

Laura Tobin left not only the viewers of ‘Good Morning Britain’ in awe but also her colleagues in the show in shock when she revealed that she was pregnant.

“I am having my little ray of sunshine, yes I’m having a baby,” she revealed. The co-anchors Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid were equally shocked with the news. Susanna broke out in a very long “law…” while Piers exclaimed “NO” in deep surprise. The pregnant meteorologist even shared that besides her parents and her husband’s parents none of her family even knew about it.

What made the revelations even more shocking was the fact that only a couple of years ago, Laura Tobin was set up on not having any kids. In an interview with the mirror in August 2015, she spoke about how she is terrified of having a baby. She also shared that she and her husband would probably not have any kids in the future. That is the reason we said that babies are like angels you just can’t resist.

Laura Tobin Married Life and Husband:

Laura Tobin is married to her longtime husband, Dean Brown. The couple had their wedding on 13th August 2000 and has been married for a little over 17 years now. This will be their first baby together. Laura and her husband Dean know each other since their University days.

In her college years, Laura was approached by a lot of partners, but they were all very intense. Dean was the one who loved her but not more than anything in the world and was less intense. She was surprised after they had been dating for two months. Her love kept growing for her then-boyfriend Dean and so they eventually married.

Laura Tobin Bio and Net Worth:

Laura Tobin was born on 10th October 1981 in Northampton, England, UK. She graduated from Duston Upper School with A-levels in Art, Physics, and Mathematics and attended Physics and Meteorology at Reading University. She is currently 35 years old and stands at the height of 5 feet and 3 .75 inches tall (161.9 cm). She started her career in 2003 by joining the Met Office.

From the start of her career, she walked a very successful path that had to lead to her splendid net worth. She joined the BBC weather forecast team in 2007 and since then has appeared in numerous shows like ‘BBC World News,’ ‘Good Morning Britain’ and ‘BBC News At One.’ All of this must resolve to a certain big net worth the exact amount is still to be reviewed. But we know that a broadcast meteorologist has a salary ranging from 27 thousand dollars to 108 thousand dollars. Judging from that Laura must have a pretty splendid net worth at just 35 years of age too.

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