Laura Lee is married. Know about her husband and net worth. 

Laura Lee (born 1st September 1988) is a famous YouTuber who post DIYs, makeup tutorials haul, etc. The beautiful make-up artist is already married and her husband often makes the appearance in her videos. Let us find more about her husband and also we’ll tell you about Laura Lee’s net worth. So keep scrolling.

Laura Lee dating life and boyfriend before marriage:

Laura is married to Tyler with no child but has two kittens. She often posts videos on YouTube with her husband. Her husband with whom she is madly in love with also supports her endeavors which can be proved by silly videos he appears in.

Caption: Laura Lee with her husband Tyler in “MY HUSBAND TURNS ME INTO A DRAG QUEEN!” video

Even though her husband makes frequent appearances on her video, there is not much information about Tyler. The two have not disclosed how they met and when they met each other. The two are probably from Laura’s home state Alabama. Except for her husband, she has not had any other relationships. There have not been any rumors about her expected or rumored boyfriend.

Laura Lee Net Worth and Career

Laura first started her career as a medical assistant in Alabama. She once said that if she had not started YouTube, she would still be doing her old job back home. She used to post images of herself on Instagram before starting on YouTube. Lee has already gathered more than 3.5 millions subscribers on her main channel and more than 300 thousand subscribers on her second channel.

Laura’s net worth is believed to be around $350,000. Her income from YouTube is not only solely responsible for her net worth. She also has her own line of makeup brand. She also receives payments from endorsements and sponsorship from various makeup companies. Her channel’s reach has also grown exponentially in the last two years.

Laura Lee Biography

Laura was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She grew up with a sister with whom she has fond memories of childhood. During her childhood, she was nicknamed ‘Larlar.’ She moved to Los Angeles after she started making a career out of videos on YouTube.

Apart from her self-titled channel, she has a second channel titled Laura Lee Vlogs. Lee is a gorgeous lady with an amazing body measurement which can be seen in her pictures. With jet black hair and brown eyes, she looks amazing.

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