Why is Victor Garber leaving the show “legends of tomorrow”? Who Will Fill his position as Dr. martin Stein

‘Deadline’ has recently confirmed long-time speculation of the leave of Victor Garber from the hit CW superhero crossover series ‘Legends of Tomorrow’. The actor had been in question for certain time now after he revealed his return to Broadway in the coming year. Now the producers have finally confirmed that Victor who portrays the guest role of Dr. Martin Stein in ‘The Flash’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will be leaving the series.

Victor Garber Leaving “Legends of Tomorrow” for Broadway:

Victor Garber came to the decision of leaving the popular DC franchises “Legends of Tomorrow” after having the opportunity to return to Broadway. Garber will be starring in the Tony award-winning play ‘Hello! Dolly’, replacing another legendary actor David Hyde Pierce for the role of Horace Vandergelder. He is set to appear on Broadway starting January 20, 2018, but that is not the only reason he is leaving the show.

‘Deadline’ also reported that Garber is a grandfather to be. Yes, Victor Garber’s daughter Lily is pregnant and will soon be giving birth to a beautiful baby grandchild. Victor surely will not want to miss the childbirth.

Who is likely to fill his position?

So after Victor Garber’s leave from the series, many fans have been speculating about the future of the show. A character change is never an easily acceptable factor but fears not as Victor Garber is not being replaced.

The production team had the heads up of him leaving for a long time now and they have planned well of giving Garber’s character, Dr. Stein a proper send-off for season 3. The 68-year-old will have many guest features but since he is a part and brains of the loved character ‘Firestorm’, fans may not get to see firestorm for long.

Victor Garber Bio:

Victor Garber was born on 16th March 1941 in London, Ontario, Canada. Victor Garber comes from a Russian-Jewish descent due to father Joseph “Joe” Garber and mother Hope Garber. His mother was also a well-known singer, actress, and host of ‘At Home with Hope Garber’. He is a diabetic and was diagnosed at just 12 years old with type 1 diagnosis.  Aside from his acting career, he also had a brief musical career in folk music.

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