Nalani Johnson Found Dead; Who is Her Mother? Updates

The 2-year-old Nalani Johson was found dead at Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County who was allegedly kidnapped by her father, Paul Johson’s girlfriend, Sharena Nancy. The cause of her death is not unknown as the investigation is going on from the Allegheny County Police.

Read the following article about the unfortunate incident that happened at Pine Ridge Park where an innocent toddler lost her life.

Nalani Johnson aka Malani Johnson Found Dead

Nalani Johnson also is known as Malani Johnson was found by the Pine Ridge Park in Indiana County, 37 miles east of Pennsylvania where investigators said that Nalani was kidnapped. This was the statement that the Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Doughtery said at the press conference on Tuesday.

Furthermore, Patrick said that the autopsy will be conducted on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the police could not identify the manner and cause of two-year-old death.

Image of Law Enforcement Puts Up Crime Scene Tape At Indiana Co. Park During New Search For Nalani Johnson

Law Enforcement Puts Up Crime Scene Tape At Indiana Co. Park During New Search For Nalani Johnson

Who is Nalani Johnson Mother?

Nalani Johnson’s mother, Taji Walsh is suspecting Sharena Nancy for the murder of her daughter.

Nalani Johnson Missing, Kidnapped, Death Update

According to the police officials, Nalani Johnson was kidnappped this Saturday from Penn Hills. Later her body was found dead by the state troopers and FBI agents on Pine Ridge Park in Burrell Township. They discovered the body on Tuesday evening while search hunt for Nalani. After the missing complaint was filed from Nalani’s family, she was the subject of the Amber Alert.

Likewise, the police suspected Nalani Jonshon’s father’s girlfriend, Sharena Nancy was involved in the death of the toddler. After being caught by the police, Sharena confessed that Johnson sold off Nalani for $10,000. Sharena and Paul Johson are believed to be romantically involved.

Image of Nalani Johnson and suspect Sharena Nancy

Nalani Johnson and suspect Sharena Nancy

Moreover, according to reports it was reported that Sharena drove off Nalani after 5 pm Saturday when she gave a lift to both father and daughter. Around 7:30 pmĀ  Sharena was at taken into custody and currently facing the charge of kidnapping a minor, interference with the custody of children and concealment of whereabouts of children.

As of now, Nancy is being held at the Allegheny County Jail while being interrogated by several law authorities which also involves the FBI. She further revealed to her interviewers that she was ordered to drive Nalani to a woman who would “take her.” The real murderer of the Nalani Johnson has not been found as of now.

However, we hope that the Nalani Johson’s murder would be found soon and taken into custody. As of now, the police are looking thoroughly into the murder case of Nalani Jonshon.

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