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There has been a worry some attitude in the Deadliest Catch family due to the ailment befalling one of the most loved casts, Keith Colburn. Yes, the captain and owner of FV Wizard. Interested in knowing how the star is faring about his health?!

Worry no more as all this is detailed here. Also, get to know of Keith Colburn’s net worth, career life, early life, age, wiki, family as well as his bio. Before going to all this, let’s first unveil Keith Colburn’s wife and children as he has been quite secretive with this aspect of his life.

keith Colburn Married to Wife and Children

As mentioned knowing much about Keith Colburn’s wife is quite challenging. This is because the guy exposes less of the queen. Nevertheless, it is no secret that the guy was once married. Keith Colburn’s wife was the gorgeous Florence Colburn.

Image of Keith Colburn with his wife Florence Colburn

Keith Colburn with his wife, Florence Colburn

Together, they have been showered with two children namely Caelen Colburn (a son) and Sienna Colburn(a daughter). From the tone, it is easy to tell that presently, the star and his wife are no longer an item. The gentleman revealed this in 2014 in an interview at Kiro Radio. At some point in 2012, the star took to the internet to celebrate his wife for sticking around for 25 years.

Image of Keith Colburn with their kids daughter (Sienna Colburn ) and son (Caelan Colburn)

Keith Colburn with their children daughter (Sienna Colburn) and son (Caelan Colburn)

While asking why their long-lasting relationship came to an end, he did not play around with words or play the blame game as most couples do. He was clear that his drinking habits were a prime contributor to the end of their marriage and still wishes that he could get black to his wife as the single state is not working well for him. Despite all this, he still spends time with his children as evident from the posts in his social media. On 10th May 2016, he showcased how he was having a great time with his son during his birthday. Nonetheless, currently, no one own the title of Keith Colburn’s wife.

Keith Colburn Net Worth

You are probably not expecting Keith Colburn’s net worth to be this much. Well, according to a various reputable site, the gentlemen as of 2018, has accumulated a net worth of about 1.5 million. Sadly, his salary which is the main contributor to his net worth is not known. However, we are certain that just like Keith Colburn’s net worth, the stars income will soon be known to the public.

Image of TV Star, Keith Colburn net worth is $1.5 million

TV Star, Keith Colburn net worth is $1.5 million

How old is Keith Colburn? Age, Birthdate, Birthplace

Keith Colburn came into existence on the 10th day of March 1963. This is to mean that in 2018, the reality TV star is only 55 years old. Redmond rooted in WA in the United States of America is the exact place of birth of this noble star. Now that you know a personal detail of the star, let’s go straight in knowing his early life and since we also analyzed Keith Colburn’s net worth, isn’t it right if we also get a feel of his career life?!

Career and Early Life

The star has left details about his early life including his educational background undisclosed. As for his career, he did not become a reality TV Star overnight. It all began in the mid-1980s when he worked as a commercial fisherman. Sources indicate that even before then, Colburn had worked at French restaurants as a chief executive at the age of 14. It is such experience and exposure that has made him the captain and owner of FV Wizard. Also, he is the owner of Captain Keith Catch. With all these career backgrounds, it is understandable why Keith Colburn’s net worth is quite substantial.

Wiki, Bio

Although most fans know him as Keith Colburn, his full name is Keith Harold Colburn. He is American by nationality, and his ethnicity remains hidden. Nothing is revealed about his parents, but he was raised alongside his sibling who identifies as Monte Colburn. According to the star, unlike his career, personal information is not essential to the public. Therefore, there is a high possibility he won’t be conveying any of these details to the public any time soon which is okay as it helps him to leave a private and happy life.

Keith Colburn Illness and Health Updates 2019

Mid this year fans of Deadliest Catch were shocked by the sudden disappearance of Keith Colburn on the show. During an interview at Kiro Radio, the star cleared the air stating that his departure from the show was for his welfare. Particularly, he explained that on the 7th day of June this year he was unlucky and got a spinal infection that scientifically identifies as osteomyelitis. Luckily, the star is doing well regarding recovery and may sooner rather than later be on the screens again. His road to recovery involves daily intravenous injections of antibiotics.

Quick Facts About Keith Colburn

Name Keith Harold Colburn
Age 55
Birthdate March 10, 1963
Birthplace Redmond
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Siblings Monte Colburn
Wife Divorced
Children 2
Career TV personality
Net worth $1.5 million

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