Gas Monkey Garage Jason Aker Wiki/Bio: Age, Net Worth and Wife.

Jason Aker is an American restoration expert. Jason is famous for his work on the 1966 Shelby GT #001 which is one of the best Shelby’s on the planet. The 44-year-old expert came to fame after landing a job at Gas Monkey Garage owned by Richard Rawlings. He had his training in the hands of Shelby restoration legends John Brown and Bob Gains.

His skills have made him a sought-after restoration expert. This can be seen in the great impact he has brought to the Gas Monkey Garage in the time he has been there. He also features in Discovery’s “Fast N Loud.” This has seen the married father of two rakes in millions in net worth.

Wiki/Bio: How old is Jason Aker from Fast N’ Loud?

Jason Aker’s birthdate is 6th January 1974. His age is currently 44 years. There is not yet any information about his early life and his parents.

Before joining the Twin Firebird Restorations, he owned his garage in Oklahoma City.  The name of his garage is Worldwide Muscle Cars. At Worldwide Muscle Cars, the specialization is in cars from the late 60s to the early 70s. The main focus has been quality and value.

The need for not only more projects but also complex ones at Gas Monkey Garage prompted Richard Rawlings to search for an expert. Someone who had vast experience on restoration had to be brought in to compliment the staff that was there then. He was the only person who according to Rawlings had restoration skills in No.1 and No.2 firebird’s Restoration.

Image of Jason Aker from Gas Monkey Garage show

Jason Aker from Gas Monkey Garage show

Although Jason Aker was new in the garage at the time, he had not just been on a typical custom shop. He had a wide experience having worked and trained with some of the best restoration brains that ever existed. Coming to Gas Monkey Garage was such a difficult decision for Jason Aker. This was because he lived with his family in Oklahoma and he had to commute each week to Dallas for work.

Jason Aker’s dream project had always been that of a 69 Mustang with Coyote. His greatest desire was to work on a 69 Mustang, upgrade its suspension and modernize the powertrain in the big pony car. His dream ended up being fulfilled in that he built 66 Mustang Shelby GT350 which has won many awards.

When asked how his other workers and he managed to balance between building cars and filming, he disclosed that they were filming 90% of the time. The only time, according to him when they were not filming is when their car projects had spilled over past the working hours of the film crew.

He also applauds the team at Gas Monkey Garage. According to him, there is so much respect and teamwork among them. This makes working at the garage such a great experience. This has prompted many fans of the show to think that the team had been put together for the show, however, according to Jason Aker, it is the complete opposite. It is the teamwork that has made everything come off in a great way for the show.

He now serves as the foreman at the garage.

Jason Aker Married life with Wife and Children.

Besides working at the Gas Monkey Garage and owning his shop, Jason Aker is both a husband and a father. He is married to his wife, Apryl Aker.

Image of Jason Aker with his wife Apryl Aker.

Jason Aker with his wife, Apryl Aker.

They have been married since 1995, and they have enjoyed a blissful marriage for about 23 years now. The couple is blessed with two children. Their children are a daughter by the name Savannah and a son by the name Brett.

Image of Jason Aker with his daughter Savannah Aker

Jason Aker with his daughter, Savannah Aker

Despite his having to travel weekly from his home in Oklahoma to Dallas for work, Jason Aker has still been able to strike a good balance between his work and family. He is known to spend quality time with his wife and children even amidst his busy schedule. He attributes his motivation to the fact that every time he arrives home, his fans always talk to him on how they appreciate his work. To him, this grants him the greatest satisfaction.

Jason Aker Net Worth and Car

Since joining the Gas Monkey Garage, he has worked there as part of the permanent staff. Also, he has risen the ladder to become the foreman of the garage. Jason has also been consistent in the show and has always been the source of new ideas and work. He is believed to earn a good salary for all these responsibilities.

Image of Jason Aker from Gas Monkey Garage net worth is not available

Jason Aker from Gas Monkey Garage net worth is not available

All these have earned him a huge net worth which is estimated to be ranging in millions. However, his exact net worth has not yet been disclosed and is still under review.

Often, you may find him cruising in his Ford F150. His favorite car, however, is the 2005 Ford GT.

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