Who is Jill Wagner’s Husband, David Lemanowicz? His Married Life in Detail

Jill Wagner is an American actress, most known for her role in Teen Wolf. Jill is a married woman, and her husband is the love of her life. David Lemanowicz is Jill’s husband, and he came into fame after his marriage with Jill. David is a Canadian hockey player. People have been wanting to know more about him following his marriage with Jill Wagner.

Stay with us as we provide you more information about Jill Wagner’s husband, David Lemanowicz.

David Lemanowicz Early Life

Lemanowicz was born on March 8, 1976, in Vancouver, BC, Canada. His parents emigrated from Poland to Canada and settled in Vancouver. It is unknown if David has any siblings or not, also any details regarding his parents is not available.

For high school, David attended a local high school in Vancouver, but he didn’t further his studies with any higher education. David was interested in playing hockey since childhood, and he started playing hockey professionally from the age of 19. He was drafted by Florida Panthers to the National Hockey Leauge for which he had ranked 218.

Image of Retired Hockey player, David Lemanowicz

Retired Hockey player, David Lemanowicz

David Lemanowicz Profession and Career

Good at hockey from his childhood, David became a professional hockey player at the age of 19. His career as a professional hockey player started in the year 1995. With a pretty successful career as a player, he retired after 13 years of playing.

David’s glorious days as hockey player ended in the year 2009. But after retiring as a professional hockey player, David started working as a goaltending coach. He became the goaltending coach for Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees, and while he probably isn’t coaching for the same team now, he is still a hockey coach.

David Lemanowicz: Dating life and Jill Wagner

David was born in the year 1976, and Jill Wagner was born in the year 1979. This small year gap meant nothing to either David or Jill. At the age of 17, Jill fell in love with David, who was 20 at the time. David had already started playing professionally at that time.

Jill is a beautiful woman and is 40 years old right now, but the love she has for David is burning as brightly as ever. We can say the same about David as well, as his passion for Jill is really off the charts. In a post in Instagram 2019 March 8, Jill uploaded a photo of her husband with the caption,

“Happy Birthday to my best buddy in the whole wide world … also happens to be my husband 😉 I have been in love with you ever since I was 17 years old . I’m glad you finally came to your senses and married me ! Hahahahah . love you @urban_cimo”

Image of David Lemanowicz wife Jill wishing his birthday on Instagram

David Lemanowicz wife Jill wishing his birthday on Instagram

After dating for a very long time, Jill and David got engaged in the year 2016, and Jill was thrilled with that. But little did she know, David had planned the wedding just the year after in 2017. David and Jill got married in the year 2017 on March 8 at Rose Hill Plantation Nashville, NC.

Jill and David also have a daughter together, but even with a kid, their passion for each other is inspiring. There has been no news about the couple planning for a second child, but their family is a happy one none the less.

David Lemanowicz Children

David Lemanowicz has one child with Jill Wagner. While the couple hasn’t revealed the age of their daughter or her date of birth but her name has surfaced. Jia Lemanowicz is the daughter of David Lemanowicz and Jill Wagner. She is pretty young but appears to be above five years of age, so they probably had her before getting married.

"Image of David Lemanowicz, his wife and daughter

David Lemanowicz, his wife and daughter

David Lemanowicz Net Worth

Lemanowicz was a prominent hockey player during his time as a professional hockey player. So, his salary as a hockey player was also pretty good. During his time as a player, he used to earn $425k yearly in 1996-97, which values nearly bout $692,623 today. With such a huge income, he is bound to have a pretty good net worth.

David has a net worth of  $6 million from his days as a professional hockey player. But his income as a coach hasn’t been revealed. His wife, who is an American actress, Jill Wagner, has a net worth of $4 million. He is one of the few spouses who has more net worth than their celebrity counterpart.

With a hefty net worth, David and Jill’s life doesn’t seem to be worried about their future together or the future of their family. While Jill’s net worth is bound to increase over time with the increase in her fame, David’s net worth isn’t likely to increase.

David Lemanowicz Wiki, Bio, Nationality

Lemanowicz is a Canadian retired hockey player but has Polish citizenship. David started playing hockey professionally from the age of 19. He played professional hockey for a total of 13 years and then retired. David is currently 43 years of age.

After retiring as a professional Hockey player, David started working as a goaltending coach for Rio Grande Valley Killer Bee. He married the love of his life on April 8, 2017, after getting engaged in 2016. David has a net worth of $6 million, which he garnered from his years as a hockey player.

David is a man of tall stature rocking the height of 1.89 meters, 6ft 2 inches. He is a Christian believer and of caucasian white ethnicity. Lemanowicz was born and raised in Vancouver but his parents from Poland.

David Lemanowicz Fast Facts

  • David has polish citizenship.
  • He was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Lemanowicz is a retired professional hockey player.
  • David is the husband of the American actress Jill Wagner.
  • He started playing professional hockey at the age of 19.
  • David retired after playing professional hockey for 13 years.
  • Lemanowicz and Jill have a daughter together; her name is Jia Lemanowicz.

David Lemanowicz Quick Info, Net Worth, Wife

Name David Lemanowicz
Date of Birth March 8, 1976
Born and Raised Vancouver, BC, Canada
Profession Retired Hockey player
Hockey Coach
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Jill Wagner (m.2017)
Children One daughter with Jill Wagner
Jia Lemanowich
Net Worth $6 million
Height 1.89m (6ft 2 inches)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Ethnicity Caucasian White

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