Alexandra Hollywood’s Life after Divorce; Her Son & Ex-husband’s Updates

Alexandra Hollywood’s name has been coming up a lot in our feeds after her split and divorce with world-renowned chef, Paul Hollywood. So, you might be curious to know more about Alexandra Hollywood. Who is she, and what is she doing now? Find out about her married life and son with Alexandra Hollywood and the entire drama that led to their divorce.

Who is Alexandra Hollywood? A Little Background

Alexandra Hollywood is a food writer, but perhaps most people know her as the ex-wife of famous baker Paul Hollywood. She was born on May 11, 1964, which makes her two years older than her husband, born on March 1, 1966.

There is not much information about Alexandra when it comes to her early life and background.

Image of Food writer, Alexandra Hollywood

Food writer, Alexandra Hollywood

How She Met her Husband?

Alexandra met The Great British Bake-off judge a long time back in 1996 in Cyprus, where both of them were working. The food writer, at that time, was working as the scuba-diving instructor of a 5-star hotel there while Paul was a headlining baker.

Image of Alexandra Hollywood with her husband Paul Hollywood

Alexandra Hollywood with her husband, Paul Hollywood

The two instantly fell in love, and maybe that was the reason they got engaged very quickly. They later made things official getting married in 1998. They even welcomed their son, Josh, in 2001.

The Affair: Beginning of the End

The end of her married life began in 2013 when she discovered her husband was having an affair. Paul Hollywood was involved in an extramarital affair with his ‘The American Baking Competition’ co-judge Marcela Valladolid, 41. The discovery led to the couple’s first split and a payout of £1.4 million to Alexandra.

However, we later found out that the 55-year-old had reconciled with her cheating husband. She promised it was for the sake of their son Josh, but Paul made a pretty convincing apology too.

“I made a huge mistake, and at the moment, Alex and myself are working things through together. We are just going to take things one step at a time, but I still love her; that is ultimately what it is,” he said, citing the affair as “the biggest mistake of his life.”

The Second Split leading to an Imminent Divorce

However, broken things can never be the same, as was the case for their marriage. The food writer split with her husband for the second time in November of 2017. It took over a year for her to file for divorce, only earlier this year in 2019.

The divorce was finalized in July 19 with a decree nisi. The formerly married couple reached their settlements privately, a decision respected by the court.  As per their agreement, Alexandra Hollywood is to receive funds of £10 million. A sum like that would definitely increase her net worth and should help her somewhat to forget her flawed marital life.

But for Alexandra, the money will probably not make up for all the hurt feelings. Shortly after her death, she said, “I’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t been difficult, but I’m not broken. Divorce hurts. I was married for 20 years. But you keep going.”

Her Husband’s New Girlfriends

We will soon get to the point of answering, “What is Alexandra Hollywood doing now?” but first, let us see what her husband is doing, shall we? It seems Paul Hollywood was not holding back when it came to moving on. He was dating a 24-year-old ex-barmaid by the name of Summer Monteys-Fullam since the summer of 2017.

However, even that relationship ended in flames after Paul’s much younger girlfriend dumped him for being too overbearing. According to her social media claims, Hollywood wanted her to sign a non-disclosure contract upon their relationship, sex life, Paul’s wealth, and private details.

So after a two-year fling, Summer finally decided to call it quits on the 53-year-old Celebrity Baker, for she did not want to be sued every time she wanted to share her dating life with her family and friends.

Image of Paul Hollywood ex-girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam

Paul Hollywood ex-girlfriend Summer Monteys-Fullam

Later, Paul Hollywood was again quick to move on and is now dating another new girlfriend, Melissa Spalding. Melissa is also much younger than Hollywood, 17 years to be exact. The 36-year-old is a landlady of the pub and was seen with Paul on numerous occasions since September 2019. The couple was even seen together vacationing in Cyprus in November.

It is even rumored that Paul took Melissa to the same luxury resort there where he had taken ex-girlfriend Summer in the past. Moreover, he has also been accused of dating Melissa long before his break-up with Summer.

Where is Alexandra Hollywood? What Is She Doing Now?

As of Alexandra Hollywood, she likes to lead a perfect life, but that does not mean the media catches up to her every now and then. By the looks of things, she has moved on as well but not with other partners like her ex.

Instead, Alexandra seems to be enjoying her newly single life and a multi-million dollar divorce settlement in the classy streets of France. Dailymail caught up with her in August, strolling the marketplace of Southern France. She looked happy and rested, accompanied by a few girlfriends.

Recently she also made an appearance in the British talk show, Loose Women, once more speaking on her marriage and divorce. She there revealed that she was sticking to her ex-husband’s name, Hollywood, because of her son. However, she also revealed that she went by the same name for almost 20 years of her married life, making it a part of her as well.

In her own words, “I’ve been Hollywood for, gosh, probably nearly 20 years. You kind of grow into that name.” She said, “More importantly, I’m getting divorced, but I’m not divorcing my son, he’s a Hollywood. I’m his mum; I’m not going to get rid of his name. I am Alex Hollywood, I write as Alex Hollywood, and I am Josh Hollywood’s mum.”

So, Alexandra Hollywood is currently leading a happy life, and the only man in her life is her son.

Quick Facts about Alexandra Hollywood

Name Alexandra Hollywood
Profession Food Writer
Husband Paul Hollywood (1996-2019)
Birthdate March 11, 1964
Nationality UK
Ethnicity White
Net Worth Uncertain (Husband’s net worth: £9 million)
Son Josh Hollywood (born 2001)

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