Is Robert Sheehan Gay or Dating a Girlfriend?

Robert Sheehan is an Irish actor with a pretty huge fan following. He was in hit TV series like  Misfits and Love/Hate along with movies like Mortal Engines and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Nominated for multiple awards in his career, including a BAFTA  Television Award nominations, Robert is a successful actor.

There have been a few eyebrow-raising regarding his sexuality, so stay with us as we tell you more about Robert.

Robert Sheehan Early Life

Born to mother Maria Sheehan and father Joe Sheehan on January 7, 1998, Robert is the third child of the couple. His two elder siblings are brother Brenden Sheehan and sister Shauna Sheehan. Robert’s father is a retired police officer. He was born and raised in Portlaoise, Ireland.

For his high school, Robert attended St.Paul’s School in Portlaoise. He used to play various instruments while in high school, but he didn’t pursue any of them professionally. Some of the instruments he played are the banjo, the bodhran, and the spoons.

For higher education, he pursued it at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology. While his time in college, Robert was filming for Summer of the Flying Saucer, which ended up with him failing the first year examinations. Due to which, Robert ended up not graduating, making high school his highest educational qualification.

Besides his education, Robert’s career also started in his early life. He was able to get a role in the movie Song for a Raggy Boy at the age of fourteen. But, Robert was interested in acting from his early years in primary school.

Robert Sheehan’s Acting Career

While his acting career started early, Robert wasn’t sure about sticking to the business. Robert had insecurities regarding the availability of jobs and his performance. But all these insecurities vanished after his role in the Channel4 trilogy Red Riding as BJ.

Image of Irish actor, Robert Sheehan

Irish actor, Robert Sheehan

Robert credits his career to this role as the role being “Weighty” and a “step-up” from all his previous characters. Following this role, he went on to star as Nathan Young in Misfits, from 2009 to 2013, which is another successful role he played.

Some other successful TV shows Robert has played in like Love/Hate from 2010-2014 as Darren. And the current one which has increased his popularity more than ever, The Umbrella Academy which started this year in February 15, 2019.

Other than TV dramas, Robert has also played in movies like Mortal Engines and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

Throughout his career as an actor, Robert has been nominated for many awards. The most noteworthy being the 2011 BAFTA Award nomination for his role in Misfits in the “Male Supporting Actor” category.

Robert Sheehan and Dating Life, Is Robert Gay?

The Irish actor seems to like keeping his professional and private life as separate as possible. Robert has made sure to not reveal his pasts from his early days as an actor. So, it is unknown who he was dating while he was starting out as an actor.

But in 2014, Robert started dating Sofia Boutella, who is considered a successful actress too, much like Robert. Sofia is Algerian-French, and besides acting, she is into modeling and dancing. It is unknown how long the couple was together, but when Robert was interviewed in October of 2018, he claimed to have already split with Sofia.

Image of Robert Sheehan with his ex-girlfriend Sofia Boutella

Robert Sheehan with his ex-girlfriend Sofia Boutella

Robert has himself claimed that he is straight and dating Sofia might as well be a proof to his statement. But, he has also admitted to experimenting with his sexuality in his early years. So, while he might have dated men before, he is now sure about his own sexuality and claims heterosexuality. While this might have been somewhat sad new for his gay fans, but the ladies are all for it.

This sexy Irish actor is currently single, but it isn’t entirely sure as he likes to keep such things private. Either way, a lucky girl is going to get to spend her life with Robert, probably as Robert Sheehan isn’t gay.

Robert Sheehan Net Worth

Robert has worked in a lot of movies and TV series, so his net worth is probably pretty huge. But what is the exact amount? Well, stay with us as we take you through his income to his net worth.

After having worked in many popular TV series, we can assume Robert makes good cash from every episode of the TV series he does and some serious money from the movies he works in. As for his actual income, it is unknown but speculated to be around $150k per episode from his latest show, The Umbrella Academy. As for the movies, Robert probably makes millions.

But this star, which has a huge fan following and earns a considerably hefty amount, has a humble net worth. Robert Sheehan has a net worth of $2.5 million. He has been working as an actor since 2013 at the age of 14 and so far has accumulated $2.5 million. As his popularity increases, his net worth is also bound to go up with time.

Robert Sheehan’s Brief Bio

Robert Sheehan currently 31 years old was born on January 7, 1988, . While Robert used to live in Los Angeles, he has now moved to London. Perhaps, Robert will come back to LA for the second season of the show.

Robert is an English born, from Ireland and is pretty tall. With a height of 6 ft or 1.83m and his slim looks, Robert is pretty handsome. Sheehan is of caucasian ethnicity and fashion a long hair with a light beard.

Robert is a straight man, but he is vocal about his support for LGBTQ society.

Robert Sheehan Fast Facts

  • He is an Irish actor.
  • Sheehan’s father used to be an Irish cop
  • He has two siblings with whom he grew up.
  • He started his acting career at the age of 14.
  • He first came to liking acting after playing Oliver in Oliver with a Twist in his primary school.
  • His career got the momentum it needed from the 2009 show Red Riding.
  • Sheehan used to date Sofia Boutella.
  • Robert Sheehan is heterosexual but supports gay people.

Robert Sheehan Wiki

Name Robert Sheehan
Date of birth January 7, 1988
Place of birth/ Nationality Portlaoise, Ireland
Family Parents: Maria Sheehan, Joe Sheehan
Siblings: Brendan Sheehan, Shauna Sheehan
Profession Actor
Relationship status Single
Partner(s) Ex-girlfriend Sofia Boutella (2014-2018)
Children None
Net Worth $2.5 million
Height 1.83m (6ft)
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Ethnicity Caucasian White

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