Jean Currivan Trebek Wiki-Biography: Everything about Alex Trebek’s Wife.

This article is necessary for everyone interested in learning more about Jean Currivan Trebek, the wife of popular television host Alex Trebek. In this review, we will learn everything we can about the woman, exploring her career, net worth, and salary. Don’t forget the main topic at hand, which is her family, husband, kids, and all other vital aspects of her life. Our crowning glory will be providing a detailed bio on the woman.

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Jean Trebek was born sometime in September 1963 in New York. She is presently 54 years old. Unlike her husband, Jean is not used to the spotlight.  As such, most of her life, including her early childhood, has remained private. We were, however, able to unearth that she attended Harborfields High School. Religion has also factored heavily into Jean’s life. She is a member of the North Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

Jean has pioneered a lot of projects in the church and is heavily involved in its running. She thought of the singing bowl meditation practice in the church. Jean is also very close to her children and very family oriented. She mentored her daughter into her line of business and also co-owns a restaurant with his son.

Jean Currivan Trebek Career info.

Jean’s career path is very different from the one her husband took. It compounds the belief that opposites do indeed attract. Alex, the more famous of the two is a reality star whereas Jean, the focus of our story today, is a real estate project manager. Real estate managers oversee the day to day activities and financial aspects of residential and commercial properties like apartments, office buildings, and stores.

Jean Currivan was in charge of overseeing the operational aspects of commercial and residential properties. She was also tasked with maintaining the premises and increasing their market value. It is a job that she has done well, and a job that has undoubtedly helped shaped her life and career.

Image of Business Owner, Jean Currivan Trebek

Business Owner, Jean Currivan Trebek

The job she is tasked with is by no means easy. Real estate managers are expected to have a particular set of abilities that include interpersonal and analytical skills. Fortunately for Jean, she possesses both in droves, and as such, she has worked her way right up to the top of her industry. Years and years in the field of real estate have brought her nothing but unbridled success.

After a time, Jean decided to try a hand at a different venture. She presently co-owns a restaurant with her son, Matthew. The name of the place is Oslo, and it is based in Harlem, New York.

Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth. How much is Alex Trebek wife’s worth?

Real estate managers make a modest living. On average, they make about $ 58,000 in salary. Good agents can make much more than that, especially when you factor in the commissions they earn. Jean Currivan’s salary currently remains undisclosed and under review.

Image of Real estate project manager, Jean Currivan Trebek net worth is currently not available

Real estate project manager, Jean Currivan Trebek net worth is currently not available

She is a relatively private person, and as such, details about her are scarce. Her husband, however, is a well-known television host. Alex Trebek’s net worth is reportedly a whopping $ 50 million which comes from an annual salary of $ 10 million a year. Since they are married, Jean has access to this wealth, and this has in all likelihood boosted her net worth. The real estate project manager also co-owns a restaurant with one of her children, her son Matthew. This has proven to be another good source of income for her.

Houses and Property

Jean and her husband own a 35 acres mountain hill property. It is valued at $ 1.5 million. Both of them were fans of modern architecture and French Chateaus and as such, shaped their dream home to their desires. It is a beautiful property with a great view all around.

Jean Currivan’s Married life. Meet her Husband

The businesswoman is a married woman and has been married for quite a while now. Jean Currivan Trebek husband’s name is George Alexander Trebek. He is a Canadian-American television personality most famously known for hosting the show, Jeopardy. Alex Trebek was born on the 22nd of July, 1940 in Greater Sudbury, Canada. This makes him 78 years old at the moment.

The TV personality has been the host of Jeopardy since its revival in 1984 and is contracted to stay on the show until 2022. The man has had a long, storied career on screen, bringing him to the height of fame.

Image of Jean Currivan Trebek with her husband George Alexander Trebek

Jean Currivan Trebek with her husband, George Alexander Trebek

Jean and Alex met at a party back in the 80s, and the latter invited her to dinner at his place. They hit it off almost instantly and would spend the next two years dating before Alex finally proposed on her 26th birthday. The wedding would take place on the 30th of April, 1990 at the LA Regency. The couple has had almost two decades of bliss together, the result of which are two beautiful children: Matthew and Emily.

Image of Jean Currivan Trebek with husband, Alex Trebek, son, Matthew and daughter Emily

Jean Currivan Trebek with husband, Alex Trebek, son, (Matthew) and daughter (Emily)

Their son was born in 1990 whereas their daughter was born in 1993. Emily, at 25, has followed in her mother’s footsteps and presently works in real estate.

Jean Currivan Trebek Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Full name Jean Currivan Trebek
Age 54 years old
Date of Birth September 1963
Place of Birth Greenlawn, New York, USA.
Profession Real estate project manager, business owner
Net worth Under review
Husband George Alexander Trebek
Kids 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Parents Unknown

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