Is Duff Goldman Married? Know his Wife, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Education, Tattoo

Jeffery Adam Goldman alias Duff Goldman is a prominent TV star and also a pastry chef. He is famous for being the executive chef of Baltimore Charm City Chef cakes which is appeared in the show Ace Of Cakes under Food network. To know more about Duff Goldman net worth, family, girlfriend and many more, read below.

Who is Duff Goldman?

Duff Goldman was born on 17 September 1974. Currently, he is 44 years old. He was born in Detroit, Michigan to a Jewish family. His parents are Jackie Winch and Morrie Goldman. Jeffery is of American nationality, and his ethnicity is Jewish. He grew up alongside two siblings named Luke and Willy.

Career, Early life, Education

While Duff Goldman was growing up, he showed interest in the cooking industry. His nickname came about when he was just a child. This was after his brother Willie was unable to pronounce Jeffery and kept calling him Duffy. At the age of four, Duff Goldman mother caught him wielding a meat cleaver while watching the TV personality Chef Tell. After the divorce of his parents, Goldman moved to northern Virginia and at times lived in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 1992, he attended McLean High School in Virginia. While there, he played Hockey for the Highlands ice Hockey team. In 1993, Duff graduated from Sandwich High School.

Duff Goldman then went to the University of Maryland in Baltimore County. After graduation, he attended various institutions based on culinary arts. These institutions are Corcoran College of Art and The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in Napa Valley, California.

Image of Duff Goldman from TV reality show Ace Of Cakes

Duff Goldman from TV reality show Ace Of Cakes

At the Age of 14, he began working in kitchens, and his first job was at a bagel store in a mall.  After graduating, he worked in several restaurants and also under some acclaimed chefs in California. In Baltimore, he went to one of the most prestige hotels named Charleston and applied to cook there. The head chef saw that he did not meet the qualifications but did not deny him the chance to work. At that time, Cindy Wolf offered him a job to make cornbread and biscuits only.

In 2002, Jeffery (Duff Goldman) opened his own business named Charm City Cakes. The business ran its operations in Baltimore, Maryland with the help of two assistants. As the demand for cakes increased, he hired more employees to help him in several activities. Surprisingly, he did not hire people experienced in pastries, but rather he hired painters and architects.

In his career, he has created unusual and unique cakes like the 3-foot buttercream sculpture, smoking volcano, and a three-dimensional German shepherd. He has also made cakes for celebrities like President Obama during his second inauguration ball, Sir Roger Moore and Katty Perry’s Birthday video.

Jeffery and his brother Willie have also released a book named Ace of Cakes: Inside the world of Charm City Cakes. The book gives exclusive details about the cake and also the show in which some of his skills are displayed.

Goldman is also a skilled Bass Guitar player in a band named Foigrock. He makes a good living from it.

Duff Goldman Net Worth as of 2019 is 5 million dollars

Duff Goldman has had a very good career breakthrough. From the people he has worked for, we can conclude that he has made a good income. Duff has also made an appearance in the Food Network channel although the stipulated time is not known. Adding to that, the details of his salary under the food network is not known. Duff Goldman’s net worth is $5 million.

Image of Pastry Chef, Duff Goldman net worth is $5 million

Pastry Chef, Duff Goldman net worth is $5 million

Is Duff Goldman Married? Meet his Wife, Johnna Colbry

Duff Goldman is currently engaged to Johnna Colbry. On 2 April 2018, he realised how much he loved Johnna and went ahead to drop the big question.

Image of Duff Goldman with his wife Johnna Colbry

Duff Goldman with his wife, Johnna Colbry

Apart from this, no other info about his relationship background and also whether he has children are public. Aside from that, there have been no controversies as to whether Duff Goldman is Gay. Over the previous years, he has been tagged gay by several celebrity blogs. This was because he protested against gay discrimination and stigmatisation.

Duff Goldman Dating History: Girlfriend list

Duff has no relationship record according to some reliable online sources. All we know is that he is currently engaged to Johnna since 2018. Other controversies about him being gay are false.


Duff Goldman has amazing tattoos, most of which are based on food. However, there is no full clarification of the exact images of the tattoos and also the inspiration that made him draw them.

Measurements: Height and Weight

Duff stands at the height of 5ft 4 inches. He has a body weight of 78Kg. Duff Goldman also has a bald head and brown eyes. Other details of his shoe size, the body size is unknown.

Image of Duff Goldman height is 5 feet 4 inches

Duff Goldman height is 5 feet 4 inches

Duff Goldman Wiki, Bio, Net Worth

Birth Name Jeffery Adam Goldman
Age 17 December 1974
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Weight 78kg
Nationality American
Net worth $5 million
Relationship status Engaged

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