Jamie Laing Mcvities Net Worth

Jamie Laing is a renowned reality star and an entrepreneur. His father owned a luxury travel firm there we can say entrepreneurship runs in the family. Some of his nicknames include little boy or the lost boys. He made his first debut on the reality show “Made in Chelsea” series 2. Jamie Laing is also the owner of the candy shop and clothing brand, Candy kittens. It is her business and her television personality that Jamie Laing is able to grow his net worth. Jamie Laing is also set to inherit Mcvities, a snack food brand as he is the heir to the company.

Made In Chelsea

Jamie Laing and all cast from Made in Chelsea.


James Laing an England reality star is said to be worth £ 2Million. This is clearly derived from his television personality and his entrepreneurial skills. Despite being the heir to a multinational snack company, Jamie didn’t start up right at the top. After graduating from college he got his first gig at the Ralph Lauren. It involved standing still for 4 hours while holding a goldfish bowl with sushi platter on top of it.

He made his first debut into the entertainment industry when he was cast in the series “Made in Chelsea. Later in 2012, he launched the candy shop and the candy kittens clothing shop. This marked a tremendous increase in Jamie Laing net worth. His entrepreneurial entry motivated him to expand his business and venture into new markets. This entrepreneur has a new website, published a cooking book and unveiled a range of gummy sweets.

As the heir to Mcvities from which his great-grandfather invented the digestive Biscuit, the Jaffa cake, and the rich tea. He is set to join the family Business following the footsteps of his father. Jamie Laing net worth is definitely up for a tremendous increase once he takes over the company.


The reality star Jamie Laing, an England native was born on 3rd November 1988 to Nicholas and Penny Laing. He has six siblings two of which they share both parents and the four step-siblings. He lived in England and graduated from the University of Leeds with a degree in Theatre and Performing arts. After graduating he landed his first gig at Ralph Lauren before proceeding on to the entertainment industry. He joined “Made in Chelsea” in its second series and was cast in all the six series.

Jamie Laing hasn’t been so successful in love, he is currently single after despite his trial in love.  He was involved with two of his fellow “made in Chelsea” cast members; Tara Keeney and Frankie Gaff. However Jamie first love was before he joined the University of Leeds, they both opted for a similar University. Their relationship didn’t turn out as they expected thus leading to their breakup.

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