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Ever loved the show ’SONS OF ANARCHY’? Well, if you did, you definitely loved the character of Juan Carlos ‘juice’ Ortiz of the show; ‘John Theo Rossi’. Well, let us go ahead and see what’s going on in the American actor’s personal life.

Theo Rossi’s Wife, Married, Kids

The anarchy man Rossi is currently married to Meghan McDermott since April 2015. McDermott and Rossi had been dating for some months before they got married. They now are parenting their son Kane Alexander, the two-year-old kid who was born on June 2015 right after two months of their marriage.

Theo Rossi and Meghan McDermott

Theo Rossi and his wife Meghan McDermott.


Wife Pregnant, New Baby

Theo Rossi and his wife are probably going to parent a new child again. The actor and his wife allegedly announced the 2nd pregnancy of Meghan; by exposing her little baby bump!! The cutest and adorable couple does not want to reveal the gender of the upcoming new baby so far. The couples do not seem comfortable revealing gender even this time, as they had done the same before Kane was born.

Theo Rossi and Meghan McDermott pregnant

Theo Rossi and Meghan McDermott expecting their second child.

Source: Daily Mail

The already parent Rossi and McDermott is ready to welcome the new baby home. The happy Daddy says, “I mean there’s nothing bigger and better in life. It took nothing bigger and better in life. It took me a long time to realize that, but you know at the end of the day it’s family first. None of this exists without it.” The pregnant is also equally excited.

Divorce, Girlfriend

Looking over the dating history of Rossi, back in 2006, Theo had dated Agnes Bruckner. The relation between them was going quite well until 2008 when the news came up that the two were no longer dating each other. Agnes is currently an official girlfriend of Alefario Brewer.

Again, in 2010, he started dating his then-girlfriend Sarah Johnes. But things didn’t seem to go so much well between them too which made them get separated by 2013.

Theo is currently married to Meghan McDermott and is soon to be the father of two kids. The romantic guy Rossi loves his wife dearly and there is rarely any chance of the couple to get divorced.

Currently married Rossi is serious with his family and relationship at present and does not have any other girlfriend.

Bio, career, net worth

Born in Staten Island, New York City, New York in 4th of June 1975, Theo started his debut as an actor in ‘The Myersons as Montilli in 2001. Besides being a supporter of ‘The Humane Society of the United States’, Theo is also actively involved in social work except acting and producing. He has also supported many charities in New York.

Currently, the founder of a production company Dos Dudes Pictures, Rossi has worked in many films and television shows until today. Currently seen as a super-villain ‘Shades’ in the web television series ‘Marvel’s Luke Cage’; Theo has made himself a $4-million dollar man today.

His contribution as an actor and as a producer has not been unknown to people. His seriousness towards his family, kid and his career has made him a successful person as of today.

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