Big Brother Contestant Raven Walton Wiki, Bio, Disease

How would you feel if you got the chance to be a part of your favorite show in TV? It would be pretty sweet, right? Well for dancer and teacher, Raven Walton it became true when she got the chance to become one of the contestants on the 19th season of ‘Big Brother’. Who is Raven Walton? Know more about her background and bio below.

Her Background:

Since Raven has only begun her road to Television and fame there are not many things we know about her personal life. However, we managed to go through the Internet and all of her interviews to gather as much information about her as possible. She is 23 years in age means she was born sometime in 1994 and her place of residence is DeValls Bluff, Arkansas where she was born and raised.

Being a dancer and an instructor, Raven Walton likes to flaunt her hot body in Instagram. She is also exceptionally good at Yoga. Her Instagram also contained a flashback post of a time she auditioned for ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Besides this, in one of her CBS bio, she also mentions that she leads a team of all-women Ghost hunters, Weird but awesome.

Her Disease:

Many viewers will miss it but behind her cheerful smile, she always carries a very painful secret. Raven is ridiculed with a very serious chronological disease known as Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis can simply be understood as the paralysis of the stomach. We require the muscles in our stomach to involuntarily contract and expand for primary digestion but also other tasks essential for survival.

Gastroparesis must be dealt with great caution with proper medication, therapy and a contraption called Gastric Pacemaker. The pace maker can be suitable for only certain situations Luckily Raven qualified for it. She is even hoping to utilize the 500,000 dollar reward from the show for treating her disease. She has requested her viewers online to use ‘#PacerPower’ like herself to promote the awareness of this disease like herself and also said, ““Pacer power, you’ll!” she continued. “It gave me a second chance at life. And it’s my second heart.”

So that is all the important information we have on the 23-year-old dancer. She appears to be going pretty strong considering. Her wiki suggests that she has also appeared in several interviews in the news program just a year ago promoting the same health issues. She is doing extremely well in the Big Brother house and we hope that she wins it.


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