Is Nathan Schwandt Gay? Truth about Jeffree Star’s Boyfriend Revealed

How easy it is for us to be judgmental of others? How easy is it to bully others for being something different? Youtuber Jeffree Star is not a newcomer in the face of baseless rumors and judgmental looks. However, this time, people are not coming after him, but his long term boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt.

Who precisely in Nathan Schwandt? Is he gay? Find out along with his bio and dating life with Internet sensation boyfriend, Jeffree Star.

Who is Nathan Schwandt? His Wiki, Bio

Nathan Schwandt is famous as the boyfriend of famous Youtuber and beauty icon Jeffree Star. However, he is also an Instagram star and model. Schwandt was born on 18th August 1993 in Michigan. Michigan was where Nathan would grow up and spend most of his time as well. He even used to work in a pet-store in the area before coming in contact with his partner, Jeffree Star.

There is still a lot more we have left to uncover about Nathan Schwandt when it comes to his wiki and bio. We yet don’t even have info on his parents, education, and early career. Most of his fame can be associated to his much more famous partner. After all, Jeffree Star is probably the most notable name among all of the many Youtube beauty content creators.

Image of Instagram star, Nathan Schwandt

Instagram star, Nathan Schwandt

Nathan Schwandt Dating Life with Boyfriend Jeffree Star

Schwandt has been dating Jeffree Star since early 2013. Nathan Schwantz reportedly used to work for Jeffree Star in his cosmetics company. He worked mostly for the company’s logistics team before leaving the job to take care of his family.

It is not clear at what point in time through that course, the two started dating, but the way they met and got to know each other was online. Like many people these days, they met simply online when Nathan finally gathered enough courage to DM, Jeffree Star.

Image of Nathan Schwandt with his girlfriend Jeffree Star

Nathan Schwandt with his girlfriend, Jeffree Star

The two clicked instantly, and after exchanging texts on Instagram, they moved on to texting to phone calls and eventually FaceTime and eventually meeting face to face. Nathan Schwandt said this all blushingly in a 2016 video on Jeffree Star’s channel as part of a Q&A session held by Star to introduce Nathan as her boyfriend to all her fans.

Many might consider online dating not to be ideal for long-lasting relationships. Still, Nathan believes it common for people today, especially since the rise of social media platforms that began with MySpace. He just thinks it’s weird for couples who never actually meet in real life and validate their virtually limited relationships.

Is Nathan Schwandt Gay? Rumors of him being a Gold digger

Schwandt, as we mentioned in the beginning of our article, has come under a lot of fire facing many heinous but baseless accusations. The first one being that he is not gay. Nathan Schwandt has reportedly been seen with many female partners before the 26-year-old was with Jeffree Star. However, Nathan has emphasized that he is openly gay and has preferred men over women as partners for quite some time.

The second accusation that he faces is for being a gold digger. It is not a new thing for partners of celebrities to be considered as someone who is actually after their significant other’s wealth and fame. However, Nathan is not someone who falls under this list.

People are quick to bring these allegations out regardless, like when recently Jeffree Star bought him a new car. It was a Yellow Ashton Martin Vantage 2019 model. However, to say he bought it would be not totally correct as he actually exchanged it with his previously owned Bentley. However, what those people ignore to see is the adorable chemistry between the couple.

Jeffree bought the car for Nathan after having a loose conversation about his love for cars in James Bond movies. Anyway, they began dating in 2013, and at the point in time, Jeffree was starting to set his foothold in his Youtube career. Plus, we hear that Nathan had to fly all the way to meet Jeffree when they began dating.

So, we hope this piece of information shuts all the haters up. Nathan has been with Jeffree before he was the big icon that he is today. They have been dating for over six years, and we think that they do make a cute couple.

Nathan Schwandt Net Worth

Although we have said that Nathan Schwandt is mostly famous because of his partner, Jeffree Star, which is not entirely true. Nathan Schwandt is also an Instagram star himself. He can play the guitar and loves music, just like his boyfriend, Jeffree Star. He also is a model and has modeled for his boyfriend’s products.

Despite having a career, there still might be some time before we can calculate his net worth. Some sources were bold enough to estimate his net worth at $500,000 we would recommend you to wait for us to determine a more accurate sum for his net worth.

Jeffree Star, on the other hand, has a net worth estimated to be around $50 million. With a total of 16.7 million subscribers on Youtube and over 15.3 million followers on Instagram, his social media collections must alone bring in millions. He also has a successful cosmetics line.

Nathan Schwandt Facts

  1. Nathan Schwandt has a brother by the name of Zack Schwandt
  2. His brother, Zack, is also an Instagram star like him
  3. His and his partner together have 3 Pomeranian dogs named Diamond, Delicious and Diva
  4. Nathan’s family also owns 5 Pomeranian dogs
  5. He loves to skateboard and play guitar in his spare time

Nathan Schwandt Net Worth, Partner, Boyfriend, Gay

Full Name Nathan Schwandt
Age 26 years old
Birthdate August 18, 1993
Birthplace Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Profession Instagram Star, Model
Partner Jeffree Star
Net Worth $ 500,000 (citation required)

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