Everything about Brendon Urie’s Wife, Sarah Orzechowski

Fallout Boy once sang, “You’re just a line in a song,” for a vengeful ex in their 2005 chart-topping hit song ‘Sugar, We’re Goin Down’ but Panic! At the Disco singer, Brendon Urie likes to dedicate his songs to his wife. Find out who exactly is his wife, Sarah Orzechowski.

Everything from her net worth to married life in the article below so, don’t forget to check it all out in her bio.

Who is Sarah Orzechowski? Brendon Uri’s Wife’s Bio

Sarah Orzechowski is a professional make-up artist and aesthetician by profession. She was born on February 23, 1987, in Detroit, Michigan, which makes her currently 32 years old and of American ethnicity. Even though her name suggests that she might be of Czech or Polish ethnicity, nothing like that has been confirmed by the 32-year-old beautician or her husband, Brendon Urie.

Sarah dreamed of being a model and even an actress as a child. Given her good looks, body figure, and charm, we can say that she would have made a good one too, but she gave up on it as she grew up.

Image of Make-up artist, Sarah Orzechowski

Make-up artist, Sarah Orzechowski

There are reports that Sarah Orzechowski completed her education in makeup and aesthetics from the Michigan College of beauty, but we are still waiting for n confirmation on that news. She is naturally blonde but currently likes to sport a brunette look which we must say looks absolutely spectacular on her. She even looks like Katy Perry now that she is a brunette.

Urie Struck Out First Time Meeting with Sarah

For many perfect couples, their story always begins with them falling in love at first sight. However, we can’t say it to be the same as Sarah was dating someone else when she met Brendon Urie for the first time. They met during ‘Panic! At the disco’s musical tour in 2010 right after Brendon’s performance.

Since they couldn’t be together, they did not find each other very amusing. One could even say they did not think much about it and forgot about their little meeting. But fate would have it; they met again eight months later when the time was more appropriate.

All it took was a re-introduction from a mutual friend Hayley Williams from the Paramore band, and Brandon Urie immediately fell in love with her.

Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski’s Dating and Married Life

Brendon Urie and Sarah Orzechowski began dating almost immediately after that. Unlike most celebrity better halves, Sarah was not very big on sharing herself with her future husband’s fame and glory, so; understandable very few even knew about their relationship. Maybe the reason behind it was also the fact that people thought Brendon was gay.

Brendon is openly pansexual and has opened up about his interests in men. However, it doesn’t matter since he already got engaged to Sarah in September 2011, and the later also married her April 27, 2013.

Image of Sarah Orzechowski with her husband Brendon Urie

Sarah Orzechowski with her husband, Brendon Urie

You should have been there to see their beautiful wedding at the Sadderlock Ranch in Malibu, California, on April 27, 2013. We have to thank the group Art is for Lovers, who were responsible for organizing their wedding. Reportedly, there were a lot of slow romantic dances involved, and Brendon’s wife even got him a Vintage dresser as a present.

If that is not the start of a great married life, we don’t know what is. There were rumors that Sarah was pregnant shortly after her marriage, but it turned out to be just rumors. It has been almost seven years since their married life commenced, and the two still have no children.

After such a long time, the fans are beginning to wonder if the couple does even want any children. But it will be going too far if we were to comment and make assumptions on such private matters of Sarah Orzechowski and Brendon Urie’s life like their kids.

Is Sarah Orzechowski Net Worth Bigger than her Husband?

Sarah Orzechowski, as we explained, likes to lead a secret life but is an accomplished makeup artist and aesthetician. In today’s world that is obsessed with beauty and looking good, her profession could mean significant net worth. So, is her net worth higher than her celebrity husband? Let’s find out.

Sarah Orzechowski Salary Estimation

So the average salary of a make-up artist all over California should be a monthly $34,262. It means that even on an average aesthetician’s salary, Sarah could quickly bring in a yearly salary of over $41K. Sarah is not your average make-up artist. She is a professional who supposedly even has a degree in the field, which would mean she definitely makes much more than the average $41k.

On top of that, we cannot forget her association with her husband also expands her clientele. She and her husband are also mutual friends of another famous singer Hayley Williams. Who is to say that Sarah may not know other big celebrities? Serving Hollywood’s finest could mean a net worth and salary of millions.

We also cannot forget her social media presence. Being a beauty intellectual can be rewarding in the social media world, which almost everybody is a part of today. If you follow her Instagram account, she does use her profile for advertising beauty products time and again. Although details vary, an Instagram star with over a million followers can be paid anything from $10,000 to $100,000.

Sarah Orzechowski currently has almost 850k followers on Instagram, so she will eventually reach than 1 million milestones. However, she also uses Instagram to share bits of her personal life with her followers, like her husband, Brendon Urie. So she makes a decent salary from social media too.

Her total net worth is still under review, but unfortunately, she would probably not be able to win her husband Brendon Urie’s net worth, which is approximately $8 million.

Fast Facts

  1. Sarah and her husband don’t have any children, but they are parents t two dogs (a Jack Russell Terrier and a French Bulldog)
  2. She met her husband for the second time after being introduced by a mutual friend and singer Hayley Williams
  3. Urie’s albums ‘Death of a Bachelor’ and ‘Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die’ was inspired by her
  4. She has a sibling brother by the name of Steven Orzechowski
  5. Her zodiac sign is Pisces
  6. Sarah’s body measurements are 33-24-33 inches with 38B bra size.

Sarah Orzechowski Net Worth, Husband, Married, Bio

Full Name Sarah Orzechowski
Age 32 years old
Birthdate February 23, 1987
Birthplace Detroit, Michigan
Nationality American
Ethnicity Unknown
Profession Make-up artist, aesthetician
Husband Brendon Urie
Net Worth Under-review
Children None
Social Media Twitter, Instagram

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