Meet Jackie Christie’s Daughters Ta’Kari, Chantel and Son Doug Jr

Reality TV is a platform that gives us one dysfunctional family after the other, but we doubt many will compete with the type of bad-blood Jackie Christie has with her children. In Case you did not follow ‘Basketball Wives’ or ‘Basketball Wives: LA,’ Jackie Christie’s relationship with her daughters is anything but stable.

But she also has a son. So, learn about all her children and their relationship in this article here, but first, let us also get some background information about the net worth, married, and family life of Jackie Christie.

Jackie Christie’s Married Life and Net Worth

If you have come to learn about Jackie Christie‘s children, then you must already know about her married life to her husband, Doug Christie. Doug Christie is a former NBA point guard for several teams from Lakers to Knicks to Clippers. He married Jackie Christie in July 8, 1993, and has been married ever since. In their married life of more than 26 years, they have had two children together.

Despite her daughter Chantel Christie and son Doug Christie Junior with Doug, she also has a daughter from her previous marriage who is Ta’kari Christie Lee. Jackie Christie’s relationship with her son is in satisfying condition, but she has messed up history with both her daughters, especially Ta’kari, which we will discuss below.

Image of Jackie Christie with her husband Doug Christie

Jackie Christie with her husband, Doug Christie

Ta’kari Christie Lee

Relationship with her Mother

Ta’Kari Christie Lee is the eldest daughter of Jackie, born on August 24, 1990, in Seattle, Washington. She is by far the one who is most conflicted and estranged from her mother. We never really got to hear a lot about Ta’kira in ‘Basketball Wives.’ One of her very few appearances in her mother’s show was when both she and Chantel went to family therapy with their mother.

In the scene, we could see her breaking down as she opened up about how Jackie was never there for her as a mother. Later we found out more detailed woes of Ta’kari Christie Lee in her book ‘Lights to her Shadow.’ She writes about how she was sent to live with her grandma while her step-sister, Chantel, got to live with her mother.

Image of Ta'kari Christie Lee in her book 'Lights to her Shadow

Ta’kari Christie Lee in her book ‘Lights to her Shadow

To make matters worse, Chantel Christie, who is a recurring personality in the ‘BW’ series, once talked to co-star Laura about disturbing relationship details between her sister and her mother. She said some socking things like how Jackie made Ta’kari run on the treadmill when she was just 12 years old.

To make matters worse, she would ask Chantel to make sure she would run for a specific time, who was only eight years old at that time. Ta’kari has always had weight issues; it seems her mother did not help in the matter. Why wouldn’t she? Chantel went as far even to say that Jackie would refer to her as the “lighter skinny daughter” while referring to Ta’kari as the “darker fatter one.”

Ta’kari Lee Now; Children of her Own

Despite all this, Ta’kari has publicly made only pacifist statements about her mother. She still is hopefully willing to reconnect with her mother shortly.

As of now, Ta’kari Christie Lee is a mother to 4 children. We do not know if she is married or not, but her current last name, Lee, is highly suggestive. We do hope she is happily married or at least in a happy relationship with her baby daddy.

One of her kids, Jaxsons, got into a horrible accident in 2016. He somehow was burnt horribly when he was in daycare. Ta’kari took to ‘Gofundme’ website to ask help for the finances to treat her son, and luckily, the internet restored our faith in humanity. A large donation was also made her mother’s reality TV nemesis and co-star Evelyn Lozada, which worsened the mother-daughter relations further.

Luckily Jaxson is doing well now, and so are all her children thanks to all the good people who donated for her son’s medical fees.

Image of Ta'kari Lee with her all childrens

Ta’kari Lee with her all childrens

Speaking of her children, we can’t leave out one of her youngest and cutest ones. Her name is Ja’cynda Isaacs, and she already has an Instagram account that already has over 1536 followers. It seems like she is already on her way to outshine her mother.

Image of Ta'Kari Christie Lee daughter Ja'cynda Isaacs

Ta’Kari Christie Lee daughter Ja’cynda Isaacs

Chantel Christie Bio

Chantel Christie is the second daughter of Jackie and has many appearances in all of her reality TV ventures. She has been seen in ‘Basketball Wives,’ ‘Basketball Wives: Los Angeles,’ and VH1 special ‘The Christie’s Committed.’ She was born on June 1, 1993, in Seattle, Washington. The 26-year-old is also looking to step into her mother’s shoes in reality TV.

Chantel may still live and work together with her mother, but even she has a lot of disruptive history with her mother. She also feels that her mother was absent in her childhood, just like her sister. We have also mentioned the time she ratted out her mother’s disturbing behavior towards her sister, Ta’kari.

Just this past 2018 BW series, we got to see Chantel trying to patch things up with Evelyn, Jackie’s arch-nemesis, and co-star. Her mother certainly did not appreciate this.

Chantel Christie also has a family of her own. She gave birth to a daughter by the name of Saniyah in December 2016.

Image of Chantel Christie reveals her daughter on Instagram

Chantel Christie reveals her daughter on Instagram

After months of speculation, we were finally able to find out who her baby daddy was. Why are we not surprised to find out that her boyfriend is also a basketball player.  His name is Stacy Davis and currently plays in the Ukrainian team of Cherkasky. He also used to play for Pepperdine University from where he also graduated in 2015.

Douglas Christie Junior

Like Jackie Christie’s daughters have both been part of their mother’s career as a reality TV star, so has her son Douglas Christie Jr been towards his father’s career in Basketball. He clearly has no taste for all the drama in the line of work like his sibling, sister Chantel.

March 1, 2001, was the day Douglas Christie Junior was born in Sacramento, California. He was named after his father and rightfully so. Doug is 18 years old, meaning he recently graduated high school and will be heading to college, where he will continue playing basketball. He showed exceptional skills as the 6 feet 1-inch point guard for Granite Bay High School in Sacramento.

The prodigy will now be heading to Folsom, where he will attend and play for Folsom Lake College. Folsom is relatively a new community college established in 2004, which started its athletic program even later in 2010. So it will be interesting to see what Douglas Junior will bring in the plate for Falcons.

Chantel and Ta’kari Christie’s Feud

You would think that at least Chantel and Ta’kira Christie’s relationship is somewhat stable, right? WRONG! Even we were surprised to learn that even the sisters don’t share good relations.

The rest of the world, much like us, only came to know about this after Chantel went on an entire rant against her elder sibling on Instagram. Ta’kari only seemed to be reaching out to her step-sibling,  just like she had tried with her mother when she wished her a happy birthday in 2018.

“I don’t care what’s going on or what has changed. What will always remain the same is my LOVE for you,” Ta’kari wrote along with a picture of Chantel with two toddlers, “I can only imagine what an awesome MOM you are… I only wish you Happiness, Health, and Wealth. I miss you and hope you have the best Birthday (cake and gift emoji) Ever!!!”

Image of Chantel went on an entire rant against her elder sibling on Instagram. Ta'kari, just like with her mother, only seemed to be reaching out to her step-sibling when she wished her a happy birthday in 2018.

Chantel went on an entire rant against her elder sibling, Ta’kari

What you would think was a sweet message; however, it turns out was a great deal of offense to Chantel.

Chantel Christie goes on an Instagram Rant on Ta’kari

Chantel replied to the post initially by saying thanks but quickly changed her tone as she found it annoying that Ta’kira would wish her like this publicly. She felt that Ta’kira was not genuine to openly act like a good guy while there have been many instances of bad blood between the two.

Chantel Christie was even sterner with every sentence telling her that she has stood by her as a sister but still somehow was dragged between Ta’kari and Jackie’s mother-daughter conflict. She blamed Ta’kari for not owning up to her own mistakes and blaming it all on their mother to gain public sympathy. She ended her long rant with,

“own up to the s— TAKARI has done. Not Jackie. TAKARI. Until then, please don’t speak to me on the internet, or otherwise,”

In response, all Ta’kari had to say was that she was trying to reconnect with her mother by sending her pictures of Jackie niece and nephews with no answer. She only had one thing to say to Chantel, and that was,

“You got it,” Once more wishing, “Have a good birthday Chantel.”

It seems like it might never be or at least a long-long time before we get to see the Chantel sisters patch things up.

Jackie Christie Children’s Wiki-bio Facts

Name Age Birthdate Profession Children
Ta’kari Christie Lee 29 years old 1990/8/24 Reality Star Four children (3 sons, one daughter)
Chantel Christie 26 years old 1993/6/1 Author One child (daughter)
Doug Christie, Jr. 18 years old 2001/3/1 Basketball Player None

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